More channeled guidance for those on the path to truth. This is what I was given when I asked what needed to be known this week:

Question everything. Through questioning one finds Truth. 


One who demands that you not question is one who is not interested in seeking Truth. Where questioning is not allowed, is the attempt (whether conscious or unconscious) to control or rule through fear and through ignorance. 


When you discover Truth you will experience cessation of inner turmoil or conflict. You will experience deep peace in your heart. 


The journey to Truth, what you call Ascension, is  a spiral one. As you move closer to Truth, all your relationships change. This creates tension. Adjustments are necessary, sometimes from one side, sometimes the other, often both. When you center in your truth, it shifts your relationships. This creates conditions of comfort or discomfort, pleasure or pain, that catalyze further shifts. 


This is not a linear path. We are always progressively moving towards Truth, yet it can seem otherwise at times. Sometimes moving towards your truth creates wild fluctuation. Yet as you continue to re-center and re-ground, the spiral ascends and narrows. The process becomes gentler and more intuitive. 


Know that as you center further into your truth, your vibration becomes stronger and will be felt further afield. This can result in synchronicities or upheavals at varying degrees from your perceived location or immediate relationships.


While your Truth is eternal and based on Universal Law, your understanding of it can change. As your universe expands, as your mind learns more about itself and evolves, Truth can appear to change. This is due to an expanded understanding of Universal Law and not to a change in Universal Law itself. This is why it is important to always question, to maintain an attitude of inquiry at all times. Curiosity is divine.

Power of Belief

The world is made of Love, created of Love. This is a fundamental Truth that you may question but we do not recommend it, for such questioning leads to suffering and will ultimately bring you to a dead end. We only disclose this because you have already perceived it and it is becoming common knowledge on your planet.


If you will assume the truth of this, choose this Truth over another on your path to Truth, then you will begin to change the world through your belief.


Truth is what you choose it to be. What makes one concept truth and another not is that universal choosing of (higher) Truth will ultimately result in sustained, harmonious Life, while an agreement to choose a truth that is not aligned with the will of Universal Mind results in eventual termination of that line of inquiry, including any manifestations stemming from it. So in the larger picture only those truths aligned with Universal Mind are in actuality Truth.


But in the smaller picture you are allowed to choose alternate scenarios which in your belief you endow with truth and begin to manifest as true. However, non-aligned truths result in mis-creation and ultimate termination and/or the choosing of a more aligned path to Truth.


In other words, you are a lesser creator being and are allowed to choose your truths. A belief you choose as true will become manifest. However only those beliefs and ideas you choose as true that are in alignment with higher truth will persist in the long run. In this way you engage in a process of inquiry, a trial-and-error experimentation, that is the art and science of creation at work.


On the Path to Truth?

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