Divine Mother protector goddess

It’s like Zombie Apocalypse. They’re there with empty eyes and clawing hands, but I am not afraid. She’s got me.

In the past I would have either started out of her arms in fear and landed in their midst

Or fallen prey to their hypnotic gaze and slipped unconscious into their clutches

But I have died too many times for that.

There is no more thrill in death, nor inevitability. They have no more power over me. I stay still, and in stillness enter a dimension they can neither see nor comprehend.

This Divine Mother protector goddess showed up in my sketchbook about a year ago. It spoke to me personally at the time, but now it feels like the perfect time to share it. (Along with the little reminder from Billy Joel to be compassionate with ourselves.)

The ego doesn’t like change, and typically reacts in fear (or aggression, which is just fear on the offense.) 

Right now there’s a LOT of change afoot on our beautiful Earth! So it’s natural if you are an empathic person to pick up on the fear and unease being felt and expressed by the collective at this time. This may manifest as feeling anxious, crabby, out of sorts, trapped, depressed, etc. 

Many of these energies that you’re feeling may not even be yours. Take note of them but don’t dwell on them – instead take them as a reminder to do whatever self-care you need to do to get yourself back into balance. 

Just an encouragement that while change isn’t always comfortable, we really are witnessing an upgrade of collective and planetary consciousness and the chaos will eventually give birth to a beautiful new reality. As the collective begins/continues to awaken, those who identify as lightworkers, starseeds, earth angels, etc. are being called forward to step fully into their gifts and assist in this process in a much bigger way. 

If you are feeling that THIS is what you’ve come here for, please know that you are Divinely protected as long as you continue to honor your truth.

Lately several archetypal protection symbols have called themselves to my attention:

• Armor of God

• Vesica Piscis

• Sword of Light

To learn more about these and how to use them to stay grounded and centered in these times of change, watch my video below: