Right after the Lion’s Gate portal opened, Raven presented itself to me as the spirit totem for this year. If you read my 2021 Lion’s Gate blog, you will recall that 2021-2022 is a Yellow Electric Seed year according to the Dreamspell (Galactic) Calendar. This is expected to be a year of transformation, creating a certain amount of upheaval  as new, higher vibrational ideas and infrastructures begin to take root and grow.

Raven gave me a beautiful message that I am sharing later in this blog (and in the video below) to help us to navigate this anticipated year of change. Before I do, though, I want to share an excerpt from the Raven Spirit description from Leita Richesson’s Shaman Wisdom deck. I feel she does an amazing job of summing up Raven energy, and her Raven message is spot on to the energies I’m feeling for this Yellow Electric Seed year ahead:

#17 RAVEN SPIRIT (from the Shaman Wisdom Cards)

Image of Raven card from the Shaman Wisdom deck

“I am the messenger, the bridge between two worlds – the dream world and the physical realm. My psychic knowledge soars above the earth plane, calling – sometimes jeering – always breaking the silence.

“I am a shapeshifter. I bring Spirit messages and inner knowledge. Even as I dream the dream, I scavenge the rubbish piles, the things rejected by my two legged relatives, using what they discard as useless.

“I am the message and the messenger, the bridge between two worlds. I screech my arrival as I jump into your day. It is no secret when I come. I clearly let you know exactly where things stand. When I am present, you know that your future is changing before your eyes…this is a time of transformation. You will traverse new spheres of understanding. Expect the unexpected. Open your heart to welcome great plenty. It is insufficient to desire it alone.  As your connection between two realms, I support you in balancing everyday reality with spiritual purpose.

“Get past the “face value” of things – they are not always what they seem. I am your wake up call.”


Now, here is the message I received upon tuning into Raven Spirit:

My RAVEN SPIRIT MESSAGE for the Yellow Electric Seed Year 2021-2022

Image of the Raven oracle card from Ona Christie's Spirit Animal Awareness deck

“Fly not as the crow, but as the Raven. Zig and zag with the wind. Do not be dismayed at apparent dead ends, but know that the path is open for you, it is simply not a linear one.

“Keep moving, roll with the currents. The thunderstorm creates updrafts for you but you must be fearless to ride them. Lock your GPS on the location of the Sun and you will always have your bearings.

“The storm is here to revive you. Do not be afraid of it, but exalt in it, in the power, the mounting energy, the great blasts of air, and the blinding flashes of Light. Its power is to cleanse, to release, and to replenish the Earth.

“Some will be beaten by the storm, some will take shelter and weather it out, but you, dear one(s), you are called forth into it, to ride the winds, exalt in the lightning and thunder, and bear witness to the transformative power of change.

“Expect miracles, because you are a miracle. The storm will strengthen you. Go forth.”


A wake up call indeed. Just one thing to keep in mind: Raven is a trickster being as well as a messenger. The role of the trickster is to test your awareness and to harass you until you become wise to it. I was given a beautiful image this morning, of a red tailed hawk perched high up in a tree being harassed by a mob of Crows (a close ally (or “little brother”) of Raven spirit). Rather then allow them to rile him up, the hawk sat in regal stillness, staying above the fray. A beautiful reminder of one effective way to handle the shadow side of Raven/Crow.

If you feel inclined, take a moment to tune in to Raven spirit, and ask it for clarity around the year ahead. (Even if it’s well past 2022, you landed here now for a reason!) What message does Raven give to you? Please share as you feel guided – it could be the very message someone needs to hear!