Can you relate to this? (If you’ve ever worked a corporate job you probably can…)

You’re so tired you’re working on fumes. You just keep pushing through. But you don’t know why, really.

You just want to sleep. It’s the best cure. But you need to get through the afternoon.
You feel like you’re in two worlds. Lots of fluctuations in perception and consciousness.

Faking it, as usual.  But faking it is just unacceptable.

Then you get really close to being real. Like a moment of authenticity…but then it flits away….

Part of what’s going on when you feel this way – probably a big part – is that your body-mind partnership is not functioning optimally right now.

Our bodies are not designed to live the kind of life that our modern minds have created and expect of us. Our mental self will push and push and push, it doesn’t get tired the way our physical self does. And it will push the body into exhaustion. Which of course gets our emotional self out of whack – it’s all connected! 🙂

So it’s really important to do all we can to love and support the body as much as possible.

Supporting our physical selves, like everything else, starts with awareness. Paying attention to what’s really going on.

Getting enough sleep is essential. Of course you can’t just sack out when you’re at work, but take a look at your overall sleep patterns – is it just today or is there a larger pattern at work?

Also keep in mind that one sort of imbalance can impact another. For instance, if you are hungry or dehydrated it can make you tired and sleepy. So can tanking up on carbs and experiencing a sugar crash. Or inefficient breathing.

Some spiritual disciplines consider the body unimportant or even undesirable. I don’t believe it is. We are spiritual beings, yes, but there’s a reason we’re here on the physical plane.

Honoring our own body and its needs and functions is integral to honoring Mother Earth, and the amazing evolution of consciousness itself.

So we all experience days like this. When it happens, first of all have compassion for yourself.

Yes, you have to get through the day. But also recognize that there’s nothing intrinsically wrong with YOU. It’s just your body’s way of getting your attention and telling you it’s time for some self-care.

Whether that’s taking a nap, or eating a salad or a steak or whatever your body seems to need, or chugging a big glass of water, or taking a relaxing bath, or watching a funny movie or working out or just getting out and having some fun.

Listen to your body, and it will tell you what to do! 🙂