Angel of femininity and graceThe thing about attending conferences is that catching up with the real world can be a shock. I didn’t even know about what happened in Paris until someone mentioned it on the airport shuttle on the way home from my events this past weekend.

Needless to say it was sobering.

My very first reaction was to tune out the rest of the conversation, close my eyes, and send love and light to the people of that beautiful city.

And as I did so, I sensed that I was not the only one. I could feel a tremendous tidal wave of love directed towards Paris from all over the earth. The city glowed like a beacon – truly a City of Light.

Then a strange thought came to me. It was, that somehow, the Earth needed healing in that spot. Needed it strong, and fast, and now. That the acts of violence happened in order to call attention to that place.

I hope this does not sound disrespectful to the people who died in Paris last week, or their families. The way I understand it, these people are not victims, but spiritual heroes.

It pains me to hear people reacting to the violence with thoughts of hate and revenge. I know it’s a natural reaction for many people but as they say in Unity, “thoughts kept in mind produce after their kind.” Hate only feeds hate. Fear feeds fear.

The key to change is to think the opposite. Only Love can conquer fear and hate, not more fear and hate.

And Love IS stronger than fear.

Whenever you read this, please join me right now in sending Love to Paris, or to wherever in the world you sense is hurting. Your doing so will be felt, and it does make a difference. Let’s not let the lives of all who passed in Paris last week be lost in vain.

Love & blessings,


P.S.The angel above is another in my new Angel Prints series. She is another one of my Angel Art Readings that was created for a specific person but has universal relevance. Her name is Helena, and one of her messages is to embrace both the light and the darkness in the world with grace and love.

This week, I am donating all profits from my Etsy shop to relief efforts in Paris. My spirit animal and angel posters and prints were all created to raise the vibration of Love in your home and the world. If you would like to help me spread this message of love in this way, visit