Turned My Life Around

“I had a healing session with Ona on Monday (2 days previous) and today I felt so much happier and more positive and there has been a positive outcome to resolve my mortgage situation. I will be doing the dream catcher exercise, Ona gave me, every night to protect my two houses from the negative energies that are being directed at them.

The healing session went better that I could have hoped, I feel as though my life has been turned around.

– Penelope Rollinson, Wales, U.K.


Magic and Insight

“(Ona) set a completely comfortable, aware and safe space and spiritual session for me to experience the state and essence of two of my most powerful chakras. Through her guided meditation / visualization I was able to realize aspects of myself and my essence that were hard to understand.

“Upon hearing her insights during the experience, and especially afterwards, from a very thorough and thoughtful follow-up, I have much to appreciate, consider and research for enhanced levels of self-awareness. Her sensitivity and clarity of vision has greatly inspired and will benefit my future as co-creator/artist in ways I could have never imagined.

“At one critical point in our “journey” through my sacred spaces, she realized that many “parts of myself” we’re in need of a communal healing, with she immediately facilitated with care and a precious love of comfort. While watching the videoplay back she offers, I realized this must have been a very intense experience for her, (as it was both calming and healing for me,) in relieving much of my intensity.

“Her process is one of joy and love, comfort, clarity and care. Without going into private details, she brought much magic and insight into my existence and paths journey!???????????????????????????These symbols plus more, were some of the brilliant, powerful and discreet spirits/essences present ☯️I had the joy of unifying and interacting with! ?

– Michael Shyka


 Clarified a Lot for Me

“Your (Annual Spirit Animal Reading) review was fantastic. I found it really thorough and clear and it really clarified a lot for me. Thanks to your review I now have multiple things to focus on bringing into my life to help me make the most of the coming year – spirit animal medicine, plant medicine, angel medicine and crystal medicine 😍 The three decks worked really well and gave me a thorough view of different aspects of my life and where some difficulties and blessings might lie. I look forward to working with you again soon!”

– Natalie Aiken



Back On Track Again

“Ona, thank you so much!  Your insight and intuitive mentoring is absolutely amazing and so spot on!   I appreciate your guidance  so much, the timing was perfect.  I feel so much calmer and back on track again.”
– Wendy M., California


Reconnected to My Spirit

“The session was amazing. Just what I needed. I was coming from an extended period of focus on others and work. I had been almost completely neglecting my needs. The session connected me to my spirit and reminded me what I need to do to stay connected. I have been focused this week on my root chakra doing the breathing exercise (you gave me). The exercise has been very helpful. Thank You! I have also been getting out in nature, wading in Lake Superior, hugging my favorite tree. I have been dancing and singing. I am starting to feel like myself again. I am amazed how quickly and easily I will shrink myself and focus on others needs. Thank you for reminding me that just being me connected to my spirit helps the world.”

– LJL, Marquette, MI

Grateful Beyond Words

“Your support has been a Godsend at this juncture in my life and I am grateful beyond words. I would like to ask your permission to colour that beautiful drawing that you sent to me. I will use my colouring as ritual to help the my Queen step into her rightful place with her Strong, Powerful, gentle King at her side. I am so excited about what our healed relationship is going to create together. Thank you for showing me how to be a gentle creatress/creator and for selflessly sharing your soul purpose with those who ask for your help. Deep gratitude and joy.”

– Therese Carignan, British Columbia

Helped Me Transcend Fear

“(Ona) Christie Martin is an authentic shaman who can see angels around me and share meaning to each experience. She provides a strong connection between Mother Earth and the spiritual realm…she helped me transcend fear and accept my role as a healer.”

– Mary Franczek RN, MSN, HTP

Clear Guidance

Thank you for the reading – it made perfect sense to me! I feel like I received very clear guidance and a much better sense of direction for my new phase (in business.)   – Margarita, Oxford, U.K.

Guide to My Own Inner Knowing

“I just finished listening to the recording (of my session), and it was even more powerful the second time around.  I especially liked how you guided me to access my own inner knowing, as well as sharing what was coming through to you…It was a very helpful and enjoyable experience for me, and I’m looking forward to working with you again.”

– Melissa L., Dallas

Helpful and Inspiring

“This last reading I will cherish and savor for a good 30 days or longer. I want to take the guidance and use it each day.

“I’m inspired to work harder to become a better healer just so I can do for others what you do for me.

“You always give a little more than what is expected. The energy reading and chakra reading were both very helpful, but you topped it off with dessert: the 3-card spread with the card reading plus the animal spirit.

“I so appreciate the recording and follow-up afterwards so it all doesn’t just vaporize in the following hours.

“I’m truly grateful for the love, energy, and insight you have provided.”

L.B., Iowa

“I Don’t Feel the Hurt Any More”

“I just had an amazing session with Christie. I was in this place where I was feeling a lot of despair, deep sadness and fear, really stuck. I got on the phone with Christie and she started doing some visualization and it was incredible to me how she could really pinpoint how I was feeling, she was describing to me exactly what I was feeling in my body, and she was explaining it from the energy and emotion side and it matched exactly.

“So we got into the work and she started helping me with some channeled prayer for clearing and it was amazing, there was one point where I was having incredible physical sensations. I could feel the darkness, the negativity, the hurt, the pain, the regrets, all the old stuff that had just been crushing me, I could just feel it leaving my body. It was amazing, it was really amazing, and then when she was finished… there was a lightness I felt, and it was really incredible, it was beautiful…

This is some big stuff. This is deep, old stuff that’s been with me for a really long time, and I really feel like I’m now ready to take a step, my first steps because I know there will be more, toward walking out and away from this stuff and towards the things that I want and are meant for me and waiting for me. And I just really can’t say thank you enough, Christie, just in that short call that we had, I don’t feel the pain, I don’t feel the hurt, I don’t feel the fear, it’s not with me right now, and that’s something I can say I haven’t felt a relief from these things like this for many, many months.”

– Kelly Wells, IA

Gets to the Root

“Christie (Martin) Michelsen can get to the root of a situation and help you praise your way out of it. Now I’m Christian, and I believe in the healing power of the blood of Jesus. And Christie is a woman that can help you get to the next level. So if you have any areas of your life where you are stuck, give her a call.”

– Dr. Cheri Watts, Chiropractor and Business Coach, CA

Transformative Experience

“I was amazed at how successful our appointment was. This sounds crude but I got a lot of bang for my buck. You are worth EVERY PENNY, believe me.

“So, gushing aside. No. more gushing: your high standard of professionalism and level of commitment and caring set an example for how I can behave and what I can offer to my clients. You were also really tuned in to “me.” The care was very personal. And you were encouraging and loving but also set an expectation of high performance from me in return; the same level of commitment to my own well-being and success in my business as you are demonstrating on my behalf.

“The nature of the work IS transformative and stuff starts to MOVE in your environment! So, hold on to your seats, people, you’re in for a ride. :-)”

– Lois Baker, Energy Healer, Iowa City, IA

July 11, 2016



“The session today was amazing and so powerful. It’s a giant step in the right direction I can feel that…I am so excited by the insights I have received to day about myself and about the homework, the level of my commitment to my dream has skyrocketed.”

– Carolyne Gaithuma, Life Coach, Kenya

July, 2016

Moving Past Blocks

“What you will find out about Christie right away is that she clearly has a real gift. She also has the heart to share it and truly help people move past their blocks. I’ve been really blessed to be able to work with Christie and look forward to continuing to work with her in the future. If there’s an area of your life you’re feeling called to grow in working with Christie will definitely be of great service to you.”   – Eric Cooley Founder, Unconditional Living

Illuminating and Powerful Guidance


“Christie is incredible in her intuitive connection…with you and understanding how everything unfolding is relating to you individually. She knows how to see exactly what is happening with you on many levels and able to simply guide you into what you are needing to embody right now. My time with her through personal readings has been illuminating and powerful in the care she provides with clear instruction on how to move forward with my life and business.”   – Daniel John Hanneman CEO & Founder of Academy for Invincible Healers

Gentle and Supportive

“Thank you for your wonderful reading the other day.


“The first point I would like to make is that it gave me a great foundational feeling of Yes, I can! Courage and audacity settled comfortably for me.“You pointed out (positive) things that I did not believe about myself because of all the business establishment pains I have been having…You were spot on with a lot of the animal references that appeared and your interpretation has brought out lots of strength and resilience. “Your processes were gentle, supportive and very unassuming (which I found interesting, as you had so much to communicate in the end)“Your gift is very attuned and fine and I am very grateful for the insights you provided into what I was seeing as a difficult patch, that is really just full of growing pains.“I am most deeply grateful that you met and accepted my spirit guide and brought him closer. He is a very rare one.“I felt deeply honoured by your gift as you shared it. It struck me at the time, that we need a lot more acceptance in the world and you are certainly making a difference to that – thank you!” – Nikki Creber Mind Shift Architect, Audacious You

Warm and Compassionate Support


My reading was fun and informative! It was a whole new way of looking at me and my situation — a different angle. What you told me aligned with what I knew to be happening and it also gave me new insights, some of which have already been confirmed from other avenues.You handled the whole thing in a warm, compassionate manner, making sure I knew what you were doing all the time. I’m trying to think of ways to improve the process, but I’m failing. You did a great job, and took the time to make sure I understood it all. Keep doing it! Thank you!   – Allura Adelson Founder/CEO, DivinelyInspiredBusiness.com

Right On


I am so very grateful for the “right on ” reading that you did! (Wow now I can add a raccoon to my totem! White Eagle and Raccoon – what a pair!!) – Karen Holick, Sales Success Coach
Red Hot Sales Success.com

Brighter Outlook

“Christie, I just wanted to let you know that you made my outlook sooo much brighter!! You ALWAYS make my day better each and every time we talk. I want to thank you from my Heart :-)”

– T.M. Michigan

The Real Deal


“Christie was right on the money with my Spirit Animal Reading! The neatest thing is that she connected me with a specific species of animal, not just a generic “wolf” or “eagle.” And there was no way she could have known that I had an existing link to this species that reaches back 30 years. I feel as if I am now, much to my surprise, reconnecting with a spiritual ally that I had forgotten was out there for me, with many wonderful lessons to teach me. What a gift! Christie brings both a deep connection to animal spirits and a bright, joyful spirit of her own to her work. Get the word out: she’s the real deal.”   – Sally Stanton, PhD Shamanic Practitioner/Owner, 12 Stones Healing, info@12stoneshealing.com

Moves Me Forward When I’m Feeling Stuck

“Anne’s (Christie’s) coaching helps me succeed as a writer. She guides me to take the next step when I have no I idea what to do. Her encouragement moves me forward when I’m feeling stuck and her enthusiasm helps me believe in myself.
“Her instructions are always simple and clear.
“Anne’s dedication for helping me grow as a writer and as a person have been absolutely invaluable to my success.” – Bridget Stoll, Tucson, AZ

Buzzing With Inspiration


“Thankyou Christie for our coaching session that has helped me put my loose ideas into a distinct plan with achievable goals! I feel buzzing with inspiration and anticipation for activating my new business plan.
Thankyou and I look forward to my next motivation session with you in September.”   – Lesley Hales, UK

Feeling Like a New Person

“When I first contacted you… I was feeling challenged with managing my time and money.
“This is what I discovered during and after your reading and the awareness I developed as a result of our time together.

“You really shed a light on feelings and emotions I had left unexpressed and unaccepted in my life. Immediately I began to look at things differently and started taking responsibility for what I was feeling and how I was managing my time with myself and my children which automatically extended to everyone else I am in contact with. This was and is very empowering…

“It has been a few months now since your initial reading and my focus clarity and over all energy has shifted drastically as I was able to apply what I learned from my time with you. So much so that I am feeling the calling to go into business for myself as I am aligning by paying close attention to my emotions and daily practices. I am also meditating as part of my daily practice.

“Communication with my children has drastically improved and I am claiming my healing gifts and accepting myself fully, feeling like a new person already!

“You touched upon my gifts and talents as well as my personal struggles in a way I had never before been aware of and I thank you from my heart for sharing your gifts, wisdom and intuition.

“I am confident I will work with you again in the future and your art work- a beautiful deer walking in the grass and sunlight is placed on my refrigerator door with magnetic tape to remind me of the gentle side of life and to breathe easy.

“Thank you Anne~
“Truly you are a bright spirit~

“With love and gratitude,”
– Alice J.

Great Reading

“I felt very comfortable with Anne (Christie) and felt like I had a great reading.”

– A client in Marquette, MI

Powerful and Life-Affirming

“(Christie’s) energy work is so powerful and life-affirming. I could really feel my heart swell when we did the prayer together at the end. I had a feeling like the sad, stuck energy in my being was being dredged up and pushed aside so I could move forward to a happier, more productive life. It was a feeling sort of like a plant pushing it’s way up through the soil. I would recommend Anne healing work for anyone who feels like they are in a rut.”

– Bridget Stoll, Tucson, AZ

A True Gift

“I think you are wonderful and truly have a gift to help people clear out all of that Stuff that has built up inside them.”

– Maria Serritella, TX

Right On the Money

“OH MY GOODNESS! Your drawing and your reading is so beautiful. I appreciate the LONG time you took to do this for me. This is unbelievable! You are truly gifted and psychic, I would say… (Christie), you are right on the money on every point. It’s like you’ve known me all my life, or have been watching me from a vantage point–you’ve been watching me hide, show up and shapeshift before your eyes…Anne, thank you so much for this wonderful reading. You really made my day with your words of wisdom and encouragement to persevere.”

– Angie Khong Davis, Houston, TX

Calm, Supportive, and Giving

“On Sunday, March 1 2015 I had a consultation with (Christie) Michelsen. It was very helpful in putting me in tune with my inner self. The images that were brought forth have come repeatedly into my mind since then and are helping me to focus on who I am and how I can utilize the time I have left on this earth in the best possible way. She was kind, calm, supportive and most giving in helping me to go through this process.” – Nancy Railey, Marquette MI

Huge Impact

“Even though we only spoke once, our conversation had a huge impact on me and I really appreciate your insight. I have no doubts at all that (the action I took as a result of our conversation) was the right decision. It’s been so validating…But most importantly I’m safe. Thanks for everything.”

– S., Indiana

Deep Sense of Connection


“(Christie) has a very deep sense of connection and amazing intuition. She did an energy scan for me, and right away she identified my power animal as well as the main issues that I’ve been experiencing the past few weeks. It’s as if she’s been in my head! She also clarified what steps to take to do further clearing of old energy patterns. I’d definitely recommend her intuitive work to others!”

– Maura Smith, Oakville, ON

 Simple and Powerful

“I actually think your healing technique works, and that it is incredibly powerful. I also like that it could hardly be simpler . . . Thank you so very, very much. You may actually have saved my life, both figuratively and literally . . . .”

– L.D., Oregon