Let’s talk about the Summer Solstice 2023! I know we’ve had a lot of turning points over the last few years. This is another big significant one.

We are about to receive another intense wave of light activations. And, I believe that this June, 2023 solstice is the opening to a whole gateway of light activations that will be open from the June 2023 solstice through the Lions Gate (8/8 Portal) of this year.

We can expect the solar activations we will be receiving during this time to amplify Christ consciousness or solar consciousness on the earth. This is the ascension or life wave consciousness of the planet and humanity.

So big stuff! Are you ready?

LOL, can one really be ready for something this monumental?

Well, ready or not, here it comes! So, in this blog I’m going to share a few downloads that I’ve received around this solstice window when I asked my inner guidance to help me prepare. Hopefully it will help you as well!

As you may know already, I receive messages both in words and through artwork.

  • This time around I’ll be sharing both a direct message and a piece of artwork reflecting these energies.
  • Should you choose to read that far you will also receive my impressions of what to expect or possible kind of repercussions from this solstice time.
  • Plus, suggestions for preparing ourselves physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.
  • And, scroll down to the end for an invitation to a Solstice event. (Or just skip right to it here.)

Ready now? Let’s start with the message!

Akashic Message for the Summer Solstice 2023: 

This is a verbatim transcript of the message I received when I asked about the energies of the summer solstice 2023, what we should know for the highest good of humanity and Cosmic Consciousness:

The tables are turning. What you have heretofore believed is but a shadow of the true world you live in. Expect surprises. Things are not as they seem, or may not be so for the majority of humanity at this time. The more you delude yourself the more vulnerable you are to delusion. 

For those who earnestly seek Truth, your experience is about to shift dramatically. Your eyes will be opened; you will see the Light as you have never seen it before, as though you were a newborn child opening its eyes for the first time in a new incarnation. 

You will reach a depth of understanding of WHO YOU ARE heretofore unattainable to you; things will be revealed and you will go forward with peace in your heart. 

You will have a greater understanding of the workings of the Universe; your eyes will be unclouded. Some of the things that will be revealed unto you will be dark beyond imagining; have no fear, you will be also equipped to hold space for these evils that the world may transcend them. These evils cannot destroy you, for you are Light. Understand that these things are simply the shadow of the great Light that is being revealed to the world. 

In the material world Shadow must accompany Light: it is the Law and in time you will recognize the beauty and necessity of this system. In the meantime, however, know that Light structures of exquisite design are being created within your physical, aetheric, and astral bodies—and specifically in the region of the head—which are capable of perceiving the hidden Light locked within the darkest shadow, and of working upon it so as to ignite the Flame of Love within even the darkest matter, lifting it upwards out of night. 

The time has come to arise, O sons and daughters of the Sun. You are One, you are One, you are One! 

The Painting

This painting represents a turning point, an abandonment of older ways of being (in order) to remain aligned with Solar momentum. 

The focal point is the Sun. This must always be the focal point if one is to evolve and ascend. The Sun represents or embodies the Life-giving force of the Universe. (The creative impulse, the Life wave, cosmic consciousness, or Christ consciousness.) 

As you bring the Sun into your consciousness, it unlocks the power of inner sight and hte greater awareness of a higher realm. The Eagle is your guide here. He is Vision, and also Detachment from the earthly plane. (Also connected to the Blue Ray and Thunder Beings) 

There is much motion in this painting. It is a twisting, turning motion, the movement is clockwise, aligning oneself to the current timeline in alignment with Solar patterns, the Solar impulse. 

The Dove is the Christ essence awakened within the human heart. It, too, is turning to align the heart with the movement of the Sun. 

The gaze is contemplative, looking at once outwards and inwards. Thus there is balance without and within, above and below. 

There is an element of time at play here. The painting was created years ago and only surfaced at this time to be completed and shared. 

There is a contingent of people for whom this June 2023 solstice Solar activation will be a final activating key. These people have prepared themselves in advance; they have readied themselves for these energies that will unlock a heretofore unattainable expression of the Solar logos within them. 

This painting is a portal and will help to activate the Solar impulse within you for those who are ready for such activation. 

Arise, O warriors of Light!


What to Expect from the Summer Solstice 2023 Energies 

Just a quick recap of what I’m getting about the energies of the June 21, 2023 solstice. In bullet points for easy reading:

  • We are at a turning point
  • We are about to receive another intense wave of Light activations. 
  • I believe this June 2023 Solstice is the opening to this gateway of Light activations which will be active from now through the Lion’s Gate (8/8 Portal) of this year
  • I believe there is a strong Blue Flame or Blue Ray element to these activations, or at least there has been a lot of this energy in the weeks leading up to the June 21 summer solstice 2023. Courage, truth-seeking, and other Blue Ray attributes will be vital at this time. I will create a video about this soon. 
  • These solar gateway activations will amplify Christ consciousness (solar consciousness) on the Earth. 
  • This will trigger an intense cycle of purification on the planet. 
  • Expect the dark forces of the planet to go on the offensive as they will become even more desperate. Expect an increase in dark energies as well as false light beings and agendas. 
  • We may see a large portion of humanity choosing to follow dark and false light impulses, including succumbing to mind control including tighter governmental restrictions of all kinds, as well as alteration of the body.  
  • Many may undergo dark night of the soul experiences as dark energies are brought to light. This is a purification process and these people need to understand the incredible amount of Light that is here to support them at this time, which may be difficult for them to see. This will be a time of great awakening for many. 
  • For some who have been preparing themselves diligently, this will be the turning point into a deeper connection with the Higher Self which will allow you to come into full alignment  with your soul mission.
  • This group and those who were already fully aligned with the solar logos/christ impulse will find themselves called strongly into action. 
  • This may be the biggest wave of Christ activation we have seen yet on the planet, bringing a still small but very significant portion of the human collective into enough alignment with their Christ essence (higher self) to tip the balance of these individuals so they will truly step into living their soul mission on Earth. This is a VITAL development and much needed at this time. 

How to Prepare for These Changes

These are suggestions I received from my own higher guides when I asked how to prepare. I am sharing them here because we are all connected and you may find them helpful. Because it’s my dharma to share I did ask for guidance on behalf of myself and the Starseed collective. What I am sharing here is, I believe, universally relevant. However I highly suggest you also check in with your own guidance. You will likely receive additional suggestions laser-targeted to your own needs . 🙂

Preparing the physical body 

This section is a direct channeling.

Your physical body is a servant to the mind. Therefore to receive the highest service from your physical vessel you must treat it with the utmost compassion and reverence while at the same time always maintaining mastery over it. 

Know that your body is here to serve you, and for that it must be loved. Your body is a gift of the Earth who birthed you; accept it in gratitude and see it for what it is: a thing of beauty whose limitations are its greatest strength. 

Do not curse the body for its weakness. Know that your body in its wisdom will teach you to channel, hone, and refine your raw power in ways most useful to you, should you allow it to instruct you. There is nothing you are meant to do on Earth that you cannot accomplish with this body you have been given, just as it is, no interference necessary. 

Your body is a tool of the Mind, yet the Mind itself is all the tool the body needs. Your mind is capable of performing miracles where the body is concerned. If you want to know how, just ask (your inner guidance).


Preparing the mental body

The biggest download I’m getting around this is that it is vital at this time to study metaphysical law and spiritual science. This provides a framework for understanding the world that will absolutely allow you to start seeing through illusion and delusion, which is how the anti-life forces gain and keep power. 

Knowledge of spiritual law is absolutely essential because without this framework your heart energy can be subverted and used to feed dark forces. 

A few resources to start with: 

  • Check out my Spiritual Law playlist on YouTube for a basic introduction to the hermetic principles
  • Someone in my membership group suggested choosing any of the wisdom traditions for deep study. All the esoteric branches of the major religions, indigenous spirituality, and occult science teach basically the same principles. I would highly recommend reading widely from many of these traditions in addition to deep study of at least one. This will help you discover universal patterns and avoid getting distracted by the differences. 
  • When you study occult science, be aware that not every teacher is high-vibe. For a mind-blowing crash course on metaphysical science I highly recommend Gigi Young on YouTube – she is a treasure trove of knowledge about spiritual and occult science (largely from a Western perspective) and I have found her to be very much aligned with the Heart. She has several playlists that will help you very quickly begin to grasp the structure of the universe we are living in. 

Preparing the emotional body

Short & sweet:

  1. Practice Detachment – You MUST learn to master your emotions, lest they be used to control you. ALL the great spiritual teachers teach this: Buddha, Krishna, Jesus, etc. Identify your emotional triggers and systematically work on defusing them – which usually requires clearing and cord cutting techniques as well as awareness practice. 
  2. Detachment without Love creates psycopathy. Along with detachment it is essential to work with the higher emotional body to raise your vibration and especially to cultivate heart coherence.

There are so many ways to approach these disciplines. It’s too much to address here, but if you set your intention with a sincere heart to be led to the practices that will work best for you. the Universe will deliver. 🙂

Preparing the spiritual body

Lastly, it’s super important right now, in order to stay on the life wave, to align our own energy field with that of the sun.

That’s what this is all about. That is the ascension process. This is something that I encourage all of us to be super, super aware of right now. We need to be consciously inviting the Solar energy to enter our field and work with us.

This is the biggest thing we can do to help to trigger that solar alignment and to help us to assimilate these Solstice energies harmoniously into our bodies and energy fields.

Summer Solstice 2023 Event: An Invitation

And so now we’ve come to my invitation to you. I will be hosting a very special gathering on June 21st, right at the time of the solstice.

I will be doing an interactive guided meditation to align with the Solar Logos. Whoever is present there, you will be lending your energy to this, so we’ll be merging our power to assist in aligning not only ourselves but the planet as well to the energy of the Sun. It’s going to be a cosmic event that will assist in bringing that sun energy into the planetary field for the highest good of all of us!

This is a FREE, open to the public event. Please do come if you feel guided. Hope to see you there!

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