(Please explain the energies of the May/June 2021 eclipse season)

Oneness is upon us. We speak not of hive-mind oneness – although that too is materializing as it must – as all things cast their shadow, this is the shadow of Oneness. Do not fear it – it is part of the natural order and a darkness from which awakened humanity must emerge, like the sun reappearing from the shadow of the moon.

In truth there was no dimming of the Light, there never was nor will there ever be. It’s simply a matter of the perspective you hold and as you know by now or are learning, dear ones, you are free to choose the perspective that serves you best.

And when we say “you,” we speak not only of a collective “you” but also of the sovereign, individual “you”

Be at peace that these two “yous” may not appear at this time to align. Be not dismayed should others in your soul group choose a different path than yours  – choose to experience their journey to enlightenment in a different way than you do.

For you are ALL on the path to enlightenment, every single human soul on this planet, each one of you. This season’s eclipses are a stark reminder of this.


This temporary dimming of the light you call an eclipse is in truth only a matter of perspective. This has been made clear to you as a species through your technology – and make no mistake, your technology is a key part of the puzzle.

Do not allow yourself to be awed by your technology to the point where you relinquish what makes you human, or give up hope.

Dear ones, your technology is yours, part of your birthright as the creator beings you are. It is up to you to claim your technology, to cleanse it and purify it and think of it with love in your hearts.

Your technology can assist in your efforts to raise consciousness within yourself and on this planet, but you must claim it, reclaim it as a divine vehicle for Love.

(What are some practical ways we can do this?)

  1. Clear your heart space before going online or interacting with technology in any way. It is imperative that you operate with a clear and pure heart, and from the heart space as you work or play using your technological tools.
  2. As you work with technology you need to be in a radiant state more than a receptive state. These are energetic states so even when you are in receptive mode such as doing research online or listening to a video you will want to always anchor yourself to your higher purpose. Ask yourself: WHY are you here doing this activity? Is it divinely guided? What brought you here – were you driven by Love? Or Fear? When driven by Love, your purpose shines forth from your heart (even if you do not think you are clear on your purpose, your heart know – this is why it is so important to stay in your heart. ) If driven by fear, if you are feeling that vibration of fear within – step away. There is nothing so important or so entertaining that warrants the entertaining of fear within your soul. Get away and reconnect to your heart in any way that works for you – going to nature is a powerful one, as is heart coherence work and prayer.
  3. Send blessings through the technological channels just as you send blessings through water. In fact these two are intimately related. When you enter the realm of the technological fields you are entering, with few exceptions, you are entering the domain of water.

Bring blessings to the water, send blessings, gratitude and light both to and through your technological channels and to and through the waters of the world. Both are important to your development, both must be cleansed and sanctified in preparation for new beginnings and to assist in the birthing of the new consciousness.

Remember that as a Son or Daughter of the Sun you may bear witness to fear without falling into that vibration yourself. This takes practice and steady will. Remember that ALL is Love.


(What should we keep in mind about the Lunar Eclipse of May 26, 2021?)

The lunar eclipse is a foreshadowing of the solar eclipse to come. Both are dependent on perspective.

A lunar eclipse is a temporary blocking of light due to the shadow of Earth falling upon the moon.

This is a play of shadow , and that which you call “the shadow” on the earth may be activated at this time. Be aware though that the light of the moon is simply an illusory reflection of sunlight.

There may be shadow games – apparent threats to false light structures meant to elicit dark or chaotic states in the populace or in the psyches of specific individuals. Again, hold to your multidimensional perspective. Understand where the real source of Light comes from ant that this Light is always, eternally shining and bright.

(What do we need to know about the energies of the upcoming June 10 total solar eclipse?)

This eclipse is one of many activations taking place during this first half of the astrological year you call 2021. This is an apex event, clearing and purifying solar energies in preparation for the Solstice event of June 20.

Use this time. There are 10 days before the solstice. This is a suggested time period for fasting, prayer, ritual, and release of unwanted energies. It is a good time to give away or throw away possessions that you no longer want or need.

Also gratitude and forgiveness work can be very helpful at this time – especially forgiveness. Remember that in forgiving another you are releasing attachments to them and setting both them and yourself free. This is important work both to regain your own sovereignty and to clear the way for others to reclaim theirs as they are ready – which may not be in this lifetime so be at peace with their choices – this is a key part of forgiveness. What’s theirs is theirs, what’s yours is yours, release them, let them go, and tend to what is yours.


(What do I personally need to know about the energies of this Eclipse season?)

You are very much loved. You are entering a time of Peace. This is cocoon time. You are in your last instar, and resting at this time. Go with the flow, take the time to rest and play. All will unfold in Divine timing, you need not stress or strain yourself, everything will fall into place.

Hold the concept of Joy in your mind and in your heart. Be steady. You are here for Joy, and Beauty, no matter what the outside world presents, there is greater Truth in these things. Be well. You are fully healed and Whole. Know that this is your Divine Truth, and hold it in your heart.