Dear family in Light,

Due to a death in the family (my mother passed away 7/5 peacefully in her sleep surrounded by loving family), I won’t be creating the video I had been intending to about today’s 7:7:7 gateway (7/7/2023).

But this feels like such an incredibly powerful juncture that I wanted to share the notes I had prepared. When you read to the end you will understand why. (I’ve marked the most essential parts with emoji for those who may be short on time.)

The energies of the 7/7/7 portal started around 7/5 and will be felt most strongly today. We will remain in that window through the weekend. 7/14 and 7/21 will also harmonically resonate with these energies. It is really important to stay in the heart during these times.

Wherever you are today and whatever you are doing, I open my heart to you and send you all my love. You are one with God and whatever happens here on Earth the light of your beautiful soul can never be damaged, destroyed, or diminished.

❤ Love and blessings,
Ona Christie
P.S. All of July is a powerful month. Watch my July energy update video to learn more about what’s happening!

Spiritual Meaning of Number 7

7 is a sacred number in both Eastern and Western traditions, as well as Native American and many other indigenous traditions.

It shows up everywhere:
– 7 directions
– 7 chakras
– 7 heavens
– 7 colors of the rainbow
– 7 musical tones
– The 7 planets known to the ancients

In folklore the number 7 shows up constantly, often the hero is the 7th son, often portrayed as a simpleton who prevails over his more worldly brothers because of his ability to attract magical friends and power to himself through compassion (the purity of his heart) and his willingness to follow guidance.

Seven is almost universally considered a highly spiritual number. Spiritual meanings of 7 include:
– Creation
– Completion or fulfillment
– Divine intervention
– Unity
– Perfection

Pythagoras equated the number 7 with divine order or harmony in nature. 7 unites the number (3) which symbolizes the sacred Trinity (evolution of spirit, resurrection, new life) with the number (4) which represents the material. So the number 7 signifies the merging of the spiritual with the earthly. This is the Life Wave, Christ stream, or natural organic evolutionary pathway.

Another spiritual meaning of the number 7 has to do with rest. Creation happens in cycles of 7. The 7th of a cycle is often associated with rest. In the biblical creation story, God created the world in 6 days and rested on the seventh day – the origin of the Sabbath day of rest, which was originally supposed to happen on the 7th day of the week. Also in biblical times you were supposed to let your fields lie fallow every seven years, and Hebrew slaves were supposed to work for 6 years and then be released on the 7th.

Academia has its own version of the sabbath – the sabbatical year. was every 7th year, where a professor can rest from their ordinary obligations. Many universities still observe the 7 year cycle for sabbatical leave.

Also if you contemplate the 7 directions, we have the four cardinal directions along with above and below, which define universal space. The 7th direction is within. It’s the center, or stillness.

So what is the meaning of 777?

777 first of all is the number 7 tripled, which you can look at as like the energy of 7 stepped up a couple notches. Like an extra loud 7 energetically. But it’s also got its own meaning.

🌟🌟🌟If you add up all the digits in 777 it adds up to 21, which reduces to 3. So 777 is the spiritual unity and completion of 7, channeled in the direction of RESURRECTION and NEW LIFE (the energy of 3).

What this says to me is that this 7/7/7 portal has the potential for really opening up the Christ impulse or life wave of the planet, or the Phoenix rising energy, in a big way.🌟🌟🌟

💖Oracle message around the 7/7/2023 portal: 💖

“7/7/2023 is a time of purification. It would be a good day to perform a ritual of purification or dedication – to dedicate your self to God, to your Christ Consciousness or the planetary Life Wave – however you want to call it. To make a conscious decision to put yourself at the service of your True Self or God Self – to dedicate yourself to service of God by releasing all attachment to the false self – stepping into or activating your True Self.”

There is also dark occult symbolism around the number 777 which I won’t get into except to say that like nearly all dark occult symbolism it’s going to involve an inversion or perversion of the real meaning.

IMPORTANT: 👉Any occult symbol that has been hijacked by dark factors can be reclaimed through purification and dedication.

SUMMARY: Meaning of the 777 stargate

👉The 777 portal is a portal of purification and dedication. At this time all inclination towards Love, or willingness to turn to the Light will be enhanced. It is a day filled with Light. Know it to be so in your heart. Treat it as such, as a holy day, and the day will be sanctified and purified in service to Light.