I tuned in last night to the general energy and this image is what presented itself for me to share.

The first thing to come in was one of those little 3-armed symbols. (They are very similar to the Celtic triskelion.)

Then a big yellow arrow like a big thrust of Kundalini-type energy on the rise. 
Followed by three more of the little whirlys, hovering protectively about. 
Folks, there’s a massive energy shift happening that will be coming to a head soon. 
(Yes, the U.S. Presidential election is a part of it.) 
Expect tremors. Most likely major ones. 
What’s happening is that our materialistic world is wanting to break through into a higher plane of consciousness.
But the old order energy is offering massive resistance. So we’re feeling a lot of shake-up, likely to increase in the days and weeks ahead.
Be assured, though, we ARE being guided. There are many beings, human and otherwise, holding space for the process to happen.
The message that’s coming through loud and clear is to breathe through it, allow movement to happen, and go with the flow. And to keep clear intentions for an outcome aligned with the highest good. 
It’s important at this time to come together and to combine our energies, support each other and hold the space. Connection is vital. Reach out and hold hands with those who “get it,” let go of those who don’t.
If you’d like to hear more about this vision, including an interpretation of the little triskelion wheely guys, tune in to my YouTube video about it here:

These images I get are like oracle cards. You may view this one and get additional meaning from it. If you do, I’d love to hear your insights – leave them in the comments below!