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What Is Soul Visioning?

Soul Visioning is a unique spiritual mentoring process that uses clairvoyant energy work, spiritual coaching, and art—in partnership with Nature—to help you sharpen your spiritual vision and achieve a balanced state of awareness and connection with Spirit, Nature, and your own inner wisdom.

Soul Visioning work can help you:

  • Find and follow your purpose
  • Discover your “spiritual superpowers” 😉 
  • Accelerate your spiritual ascension process (and/or make it easier)
  • Connect more deeply (or for the first time) with your spirit animals, angels, and/or other guides
  • Overcome spiritual blocks and/or limiting beliefs that are holding you back from your highest path and purpose
  • Bring your spirituality into the real world so you can start truly manifesting happiness and abundance in your life (i.e. healthy relationships, fulfilling work, better health, money, etc.)

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Please note that the Soul Visioning process is meant for those desiring true transformation.

Each session will bring a LOT of information to light. The clarity you will receive is invaluable, because vision and clarity is the essential first step towards manifestation. We often will also move a lot of energy during the session; many clients report feeling much lighter and more aligned after a session.

With your session booking, you will receive:

  • 50+ minute one-to-one Soul Visioning session via Zoom, Skype or phone
  • Mp3 recording of the session
  • Post-session “Cliff’s Notes” to assist you in integration
  • Suggested actions to help you move forward with your purpose and intentions at this time

I will also provide to you as I am shown by Spirit:

  • Suggested crystal(s) compatible with your energy and goals
  • Spirit Allies (specific spirit animals, angels, archetypal energies, etc. that are coming forward to support you at this time)
  • Your spiritual superpowers/divine strengths
  • Specific energy patterns affecting you at this time and suggestions for healing them

Soul Visioning work is an interactive process. You and Spirit are doing the healing work; my function is to guide and assist. Therefore to benefit fully from the session it is important that you be fully present and commit yourself to active participation both during and after the experience. For this reason you are highly encouraged to listen to the session over again multiple times and to act upon the guidance to assist you in fully integrating and anchoring the energies, and mastering the lessons your soul is working on at this time. 

The Soul Visioning Process

A single Soul Visioning session can be a powerfully healing and even life-changing experience to jump start you past blocks and/or to accelerate and/or ease your ascension journey. A single session can therefore provide many, many opportunities for growth and healing over the course of the following weeks, months, or even years. 

However, as with all healing modalities, to realize the greatest transformational benefit from Soul Visioning work typically will involve multiple sessions. 3- session packages are available at a reduced rate; I also offer special VIP packages bundled with sacred art creation for those wishing to dive more deeply into the work; please contact me to learn more.

What to Expect

New clients will always begin with a Chakra Energy Scan session to assess your current energetic profile as well as goals for transformational change. Subsequent sessions will be specifically tailored to your individual needs as guided by Spirit, and may include additional Energy Scan work, channeled prayer, Guided Journey work, spiritual mentoring, Reiki, channeled messages, oracle card readings, channeled artwork, etc.

Step 1: Assessment. We start by taking a look at your chakras in an Intuitive Chakra Energy Scan to determine what is going on with your energy, including potential blocks as well as strengths and talents you may not even be aware of.

Step 2: Creative Visioning. Without clear vision, it’s pretty hard to get where you want to go. So let’s get ourselves some clarity, shall we? If you don’t already have a crystal clear vision of the reality you would like to create in your life, we’ll also do creative visioning work to help you see what’s possible for you and set the stage for you to bring true happiness and fulfillment into your life.

Step 3: Clearing and Balancing.As the work progresses we use various techniques to clear away energetic blocks and limiting beliefs, and to get your intuitive/emotional and logical sides working harmoniously together to switch you from “chaos mode” into “creative mode.” This is where the magic happens—where your vision starts to take shape in reality!

Bonus Step: Artful Co-Creation. Depending on the path of work you choose, we may co-create a unique, personalized piece of art (such as a painting or oracle deck) that boosts the potency of the work we do and provides a powerful portal for connecting with your spirit guides, angels, and/or spiritual potential. It’s also a beautiful memento of our work and a spiritual talisman you will treasure for the rest of your life. (Don’t worry – you don’t have to be an artist—although if you are, we can totally bring your skills into play!) If you prefer, you can also order Soul Visioning art on its own.

What Makes Soul Visioning Different?  

Ultimately, the purpose of any spiritual mentoring program is to create a new reality – whether that be a healing, a new relationship, deeper spiritual connection, or any other goal. Soul Visioning brings you literally right into the creative process and lets you experience co-creation in a visceral way so that you can more powerfully step into the Creator role and manifest the things you desire in your own life. It’s like vision boarding taken to a whole new level!

The Soul Visioning process is: 

  • Compassionate 
  • Empowering 
  • Unique
  • Life Changing 
  • Fun

Unlike many step-by-step self-improvement processes, Soul Visioning is a fluid experience driven by intuition and sensitive to your changing needs. Because it is Spirit-led, every session is completely different and unique. So while we will cover all three steps listed above in a course of work, the actual sequence of the work varies according to individual needs and will always be a unique and often highly interactive experience guided by your own spiritual essence. This compassionate personalized approach puts you in the driver’s seat and helps ensure that you are never pushed to progress at a rate other than what your soul desires.

Ready to Get Started? 

The first step is to book your intake session, which you can schedule using the link below. In this 1 hour Intuitive Energy Scan session, we’ll take a look at what’s going on with your chakra energy and how it might  be affecting your life, as well as set goals for the work ahead. 

Or, if you have questions and would like to schedule a brief complimentary call to learn more about how Soul Visioning sessions can help you, select the Clarity Call option on the booking page. 

    I look forward to working with you! 🙂