In this multidimensional universe, there are too many potential timelines and too much free will at play to predict the future with exactitude. But it is possible to feel the energies of potential. In this September 2021 energy forecast I’m going to share the downloads* I’ve been getting around the energies of September 2021.  I’ll also share tips from my spirit guidance for preparing for this time physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually – as well as 3 spirit animals who are stepping up to support lightworkers at this time.

Before we begin, please note that I’m speaking to a very specific group of souls here, ones who have incarnated with specific soul missions to consciously assist the world in specific ways during the tremendous shift of consciousness we are collectively experiencing at this time. You will know if you are one of these souls. If this material doesn’t resonate with you then it’s not meant for you. There are plenty of other great channels out there, find the ones that speak to you. 🙂

September 2021 Energy Forecast: Messages from Spirit

*Unless otherwise noted, italicized paragraphs set into quote blocks indicate channeled material throughout this article.

(Please provide an energy update for September, 2021.)

A heat wave is coming. You will be subject to fire. Bridges will be burned. There will be no going back. This is a time of choice. Make your decisions now. Choose which side you are on, and act accordingly. The easy way will be made attractive. It is a slippery slope to death. Those on that slope will want you to follow. Look for their auras. Many will have already lost their auras at this time. It takes courage to follow the chosen path. Courage will be required of you should you choose the path of Light. No one said it would be easy. Yet the more difficult path at the beginning is the blessed one in the end.

(How can we best prepare for the energies of September, 2021?) 

Physically: Air is of the essence. You must protect your breath. Give yourself space to breathe. Bring fresh air into your home. Breathe from your belly. Breathe throughout the day as though you were on your yoga mat. Life now is yoga in action.

Emotionally: Love your inner child, the small frightened one. Forgive those around you whose inner children are crying and afraid. Light a candle of love in your heart and know that this flame cannot be extinguished without your consent. Know that with courage you can overcome.

Mentally: Review the 12 Spiritual Laws. Make sure you understand them thoroughly. This will help you to understand all upcoming events and maintain your stability and your faith through these times.

Spiritually: Call on your ancestors. They have seen it all. They have come through hard times. Your unbroken ancestral lineage transcends time. Your ancestral line includes also those in the perceived future as well as the past. When you connect with your ancestors you tap into a powerful reservoir of healthy DNA. Ask, and through this connection you may be healed. This is a stabilizing force for you. Your ancestral connections will help to ground you, to stabilize you, to hold you steady in your rightful place. They will show you that your beingness is far greater than it appears. That you exist on many, many levels and in many dimensions of time and space. With the help of your ancestors, any requests of Divine assistance will be amplified. Call for them and they will be there for you. Even if you feel you are alone, when you stand in the presence of your ancestors two or more are always gathered. Your ancestors are always with you.


Spirit Beings Supporting Lightworkers at this time (mid August through September)


Lion Spirit

Acrylic painting of a lion by Ona Christie

I’m still feeling lots of Lion energy (from the Lion’s Gate Portal) remaining strong at this time. Courage, heart, and ROARing your Truth.

Dragonfly Spirit. 

When I asked to be shown a picture relevant to the energies of September, 2021, I was given this:

Dragonfly sketch from Ona's journal

…which immediately reminded me of a painting from last winter, Sovereign Spirit:

Dragonfly painting

Prints of “Sovereign Spirit” available at

Here is the description of this painting from my gallery site.

The Dragonfly is a powerful symbol of spiritual maturity. This painting symbolizes the awakening soul breaking away from the darkness to fly free in the light. The four wings of the dragonfly are numerologically significant and represent order and a strong foundation. Four is also the number associated with the Archangels. The solar disk at the top of the painting can be seen as the Sun, representing the life-giving force of the universe. It also symbolizes the solar plexus chakra, the center of power in the aetheric body. This painting therefore can be used in meditation to help strengthen this important energy center of the body, along with the root chakra (represented by the predominant color, red.) As an alternate interpretation, the black area of the painting can also be seen to represent the Void; meditating on it in this way can assist in finding one’s personal power through the practice of stillness and inner peace.

Keeping in mind that Dragonfly also symbolizes Transformation, one can see why this power animal might be coming forward to support Lightworkers at this time

Eagle Spirit

Colored Sketch of Golden Eagle and lightning bolts created for September 2021 energy forecast

Eagle has been showing up strongly as well. Here is his August – September, 2021 energy forecast message:

Message from Eagle:

I am Energy. I am the Power of Lightening. The thunderbolt that strikes without warning.

Where I soar, I weave the electric energy into the fabric of being. I energize the heavens with my wings. My flight is a dance that brings Life to the air, and to the earth beneath it. I spread my wings, and it is a blessing, a benediction of the Earth from the power of Above.

I am strength. I am certainty. I am both radiant heart and piercing eye. I see the truth of things, and my focused gaze hits the mark. I am an arrow. I fly true. I am Deliverance.

You are tougher and more resilient than you may think. Joy is your ally, and your most effective weapon. They will try to wrest it from your hands. Guard it fiercely. Your JOY is your ticket to freedom.

One of the core meanings of Eagle totem is that of Divine Messenger from the Creator. Eagle also embodies the energy of the Divine Masculine, or Father Sky. In fact, all of these spirit animals have powerful masculine energy. I believe that this is supporting a strong uprising of Divine Masculine energy in the collective at this time.

Angelic Support for September, 2021

Angel painting by Ona Christie In addition to the animal guides, there is also a ton of beautiful angelic energy supporting us. This is a recent painting that depicts one archangel that’s very present with us right now. Can you guess which one? (I’ll reveal it in one of my upcoming blogs!)


For those who are resonating with this September 2021 energy forecast, I’m not going to sugar coat things. The feeling I’m getting is that we are about to enter into a VERY intense time on Planet Earth. And as lightworkers here to assist in the process of collective ascension, we’re being asked to operate in multiple dimensions at once.

  • Keep in mind that from a higher perspective, Light and dark dance together so there’s really nothing to fight against. Everything happens for the highest good. Just focus on the light, follow your guidance, and all will be well.
  • On the other hand from a 3D or 4D perspective, which is where the majority of humanity is at this time, there is a freaking spiritual war going on, with a truly horrendously dark agenda that’s being systematically implemented across the entire globe. And I’m feeling it’s starting to really make a power play now.

So as lightworkers we have to navigate that 3D/4D reality without losing sight of the higher perspective. Because if all you’re seeing is the warfare scenario, without the higher perspective, it’ll suck you in to a paranoid, dualistic state of mind. Stay there, and you’ll NEVER get beyond 4D. History will just keep repeating itself (unless and until we kill ourselves as a species). So we’ve got to anchor ourselves in 5D and really have Faith that we are witnessing Divine plan unfolding. But it’s also important to keep an eye on that 4D perspective (i.e. serious evil going on) and not get complacent. Because while some of us are here to just sit and meditate to anchor that 5D energy into the earth, for many of us, it’s not going to be enough. We are going to need to take ACTION and anchor that 5D vibe within ourselves while we interact with 3 and 4D energies. Just a couple things to consider:

  1. Right now we’ve got 2 big enemies. One is Fear, and the other is Complacency. This is not a time to sit silent. We’ve got to become FEARLESS, and remember why we’re here. It’s time to draw a thick red line in the sand and really let loose that Divine Masculine within us, the one who insists on Truth and doesn’t back down when it comes to upholding it and to protecting the innocent. Many of us may be called to embody the Lion spirit: cultivate Courage, stay in your heart, and ROAR. This is not a time to hold back.
  2. We chose to incarnate at this time for a reason! So never forget you’ve got what it takes to get through this with grace.  Shared with permission, here is a very simple 3-part strategy my husband’s guidance showed him for how to navigate the times ahead (starting NOW):
    1. Plan for the best
    2. Prepare for the worst
    3. Rise to the occasion.

Finally, any oracle work is always the sharing of potential, and doesn’t always pan out like you think it might. Different individuals may feel and experience these energies in very different ways; what feels hugely challenging to one individual or community may manifest as something amazing and wonderful to another. Same energies hitting the planet, different situations. Keep in mind also that this is a free will planet. We CAN change the course of history, even prophesied history. We are collectively choosing not only the outcome of our current situation, but how easy or difficult it will be to arrive at that outcome. We are more powerful than we even know, ESPECIALLY when we combine our energies together.  That is why it’s so important to stay connected – both to our spirit teams AND to each other, in ALL ways. Physical connection and our right to assemble (and to exercise free speech!) is uber critical right now, as well as connecting digitally. But should these things become difficult, remember we are always connected with our spirit teams and with each other telepathically.  Don’t lose faith in this!

Lastly, an Invitation

If you resonate strongly with this September 2021 energy forecast and are feeling the desire to connect more closely with other Lightworker souls, you may like to consider joining my Wolf Pack group on Patreon. We meet weekly via Zoom for discussions, meditations, sacred painting practice, and other activities to support you and your soul mission at this time. We’d love to have you! Learn more here. 🙂