squirrel in pecan treeIsn’t life an adventure? Just when you think things couldn’t get nuttier, someone comes along and gives the pecan tree another good shake.

Keep in mind, though: while nuts can be hard to digest, they are a great plant source of protein, which is needed for growth.

In the kitchen, one way to make nuts far more digestible and even more nutritious and delicious is to give them a good soak overnight in pure filtered water. This removes the enzyme inhibitors which protect the seed from rot while it’s dormant – but make it hard for the body to absorb needed nutrition. (You can crisp them back up in the dehydrator or a low oven for long-term storage or snacking.)

But what to do when we are bombarded by metaphorical nuttiness?pecans on dish

One suggestion:

Practice Awareness.

When you find yourself in a situation where you feel frustrated or overwhelmed, instead of rushing in and automatically reacting (which is what most people do, and a big part of why the world is as insane as it is), consider following this simple 5-part awareness practice:

Quick Awareness Check for Nutty Times

1. Pause.

2. Breathe. When we get stressed we often stop breathing or breathe shallowly. Take some deep breaths from your belly to help balance yourself.

3. Observe. Notice what is going on in your body. Where do you feel tight/uncomfortable/in pain? Notice any feelings or emotions that come up. Notice any words, thoughts, or memories that pop into your mind.

4. Invoke. Ask Archangel Michael or another protective guide to be with you and protect you. (If you work with Michael ask him to surround you with blue protective light, and/or cut any cords of fear, tension or anxiety connecting you with the situation or person in front of you.) Or, simply imagine the gold-white light of Spirit forming a protective bubble around you.

5. Receive. Empty your mind momentarily. Open yourself to receiving guidance. Something will drop into your mind – a word, a phrase, instructions, a symbol, a color, an image. You may or may not understand what it means. If you do, act on it. If not, take mental note and jot it down later if you remember to do so.

You can do all this in just a few seconds, with practice.

It may feel awkward at first but if you do this consistently you will find that you start becoming aware of the difference between what is really worth reacting to and what is simply silliness or a false alarm that’s not worth wasting energy on.

It will also help to guide you towards the things that will allow you to start changing the situation for the better. (5 is the number of manifestation, after all!)

Over time, Awareness helps put everything in perspective. And that is what we need to do if we’re going to take these nutty earthly experiences and grow from them!