If I could sum up what 2018 has been for a lot of people, it would be The Year of the Big Purge.
Can you relate? Then you’ll probably love this: to me it feels like today’s full moon right here is a turning point.
But don’t kick away the purge bucket just yet. That doesn’t necessarily going to mean the purging will end, at least not right away. In fact, we may actually be asked to undergo even deeper levels of purification.
But what it does mean is that it feels to me like we’ve reached a higher vibration collectively.

This is a turning point

It reminds me of this mouse I have. It’s the kind where you can change the sensitivity of how fast the mouse reacts. At a higher setting, even very tiny motions will send the cursor careening around the screen. If you’re used to it being set at a lower sensitivity, it takes a while to adjust.
That’s what I’m feeling we’re dealing with now. If you’re on the Awakening path, you may start to notice that your words and actions pack a punch.
You may see things start to manifest quicker and more powerfully. Which, when you’re in alignment with your purpose, can be super awesome. If not – well, just keep in mind that challenges come up so that we can become aware of underlying balances and clear them—and gift ourselves with even deeper levels of love and forgiveness.
So yes, the purge continues. But it’s all for the good. 🙂

Don’t worry, though – there are awesome things on the horizon.

I’m specifically seeing a beautiful  shift in energy happening right around the coming Solstice, or Christmastime. Like  beautiful golden light coming in. (I actually saw it first as a goldfinch, which reminded me of the angel drawing above.) It’s feeling to me like an initiation of sorts. Like after this year, things are going to start to get serious on the ascension front. It could be a wild ride.
So for now, and especially while Mercury is still in retrograde, it’s a good idea to chill down, slow down, and really start getting serious about letting go of anything that is dragging your energy down. Because we’re all going to need to be on point and ready to go once the new year swings into play.
If you’d like to hear more about that, along with what came up in my Full Moon Spirit Animal Card reading around how to handle this intensified energy at this time, check  out my latest video on YouTube .