December. The darkest days of the year.
I used to find this time of year gloomy, and couldn’t wait for the return of the light. But a change in perspective reveals the silver lining of these dark days.
The depths of winter provide the perfect setting for going into that “womb space” within: journaling, making art, yoga, meditation, or simply dreaming.
It’s also a beautiful time to gather with others, and to glean wisdom from their experiences as well as our own.
This weekend, I’d like to invite you to refresh your spirit at a very special gathering of souls.
Gathering of the Mystics is a free online summit for people who are interested in learning more about various spiritual and metaphysical topics and interacting with like-minded people.
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It’s gently paced and is a rare opportunity to hear from a number of experts who are not widely heard from online.
Session topics include:
  • Angels
  • Human Design
  • Developing Your Intuition
  • Sound Healing
  • Intuitive Writing
  • and much more.
(I’ll be presenting at 4 PM Eastern on Sunday on “Secrets of the Animal Powers: How to Work with Spirit Animals for Personal and Planetary Evolution.)
The Gathering of the Mystics summit takes place Dec. 3-5. It’s free to attend. To save your spot, just register here:

 Click to Register for Gathering of the Mystics Summit

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