Last spring shortly after 2/22/2022 I started a new painting. It began with ocean blues, and before long a beautiful female figure appeared, with a spiral at her forehead and hands crossed over her heart. It felt like Mary Magdalene. 
But it didn’t feel right to continue. So the painting sat half-finished for months. To tell the truth I nearly forgot about it. 
Just after the 8/8 Lion’s Gate I was introduced to a meditation that included a mudra with hands crossed over the heart. I began to practice it every day for a while. 
Then one day in meditation I felt an intense blue light energy at the third eye. I understood that it was a portal to the star Sirius. I was told that the blue light portal at the 3rd eye represents a telepathic connection to the Sirian brethren. That I was experiencing a direct channel of communication made possible through the opening of the Lion’s Gate portal of this year.
Shortly afterwards I remembered the painting and began to work on her again.
Always when I finish a painting I consult my Akashic guides about its meaning. This time I did so only to confirm the identity of the figure.

When I asked “Who is this figure?” the answer came quickly:

The woman of the sea. Mer-i. Mary Magdalene of the sea.

Message from Mary Magdalene

So I then asked Mary Magdalene directly, “What is your message to humanity at this time, and specifically to lightworkers?” 

And she replied:

I come to bring peace. Gaze upon my face and know the stillness that comes with true acceptance of universal Law.

One must accept the unfathomable mystery of the world. Not everything can be explained. It must be experienced to be known.

Transcendence comes only through entering the deep. Become still. Allow the flux and flow to move through you, around you.

Surrender to the flow of life and you will realize that your own heartbeat is the drum that sets the pace, the rhythm that sets it all in motion. Allow your heart to dictate the rhythm of your life.

Breathe to slow the heart. Breathe for peace. Your breath sets the tides. Your breath is the controlling factor. Your breath influences the currents and tides of universal energy.

Like the moon to your sun, the world around you will reflect the radiance of your being. Peace within, peace without.

If you will play the part of the moon, choose carefully which rays you choose to reflect.

Maya, the changing one, is beautiful in her reflection of the eternal sun; when she reflects reflection itself she becomes a labyrinth of illusion.

Reflect to the first degree, no more. Reflect truth, not illusion.

Mary Magdalene of the Sea: a Painting With a Purpose

I learned later that like the Lion, Mary Magdalene has connections with the star Sirius, specifically Sirius B, which is said to be an ocean realm. Sirius is said to be our “spiritual Sun” and the spiritual home of humanity’s greatest teachers.

Visionary art by Ona Christie featuring the ankh, eye of Mary Magdalene, water, and growing leaves

Is that the eye of Mary Magdalene peering at us through the keyhole of the Ankh?

After receiving the transmission from Mary Magdalene, I asked my Akashic guides to explain the energies of the painting. I received this reply:

Viewing this painting will activate this (Sirian blue light) portal in the viewer who is ready for such activation.

The portal allows for direct healing to take place; it is an access portal for healing from Sirian light beings.

Ask for protection through this portal and it will be made available.

A shielding, particularly in the emotional plane, and the protective power of the Lion. Protection for the heart.

Protection, peace, and flow.

Primordial seas, beginnings of time. She is Life. She is Divine Goddess, the Great Mother, the embodiment. She who gives birth to all, and to whom all returns.

Please feel free to share this image as it can help activate healing energy in those who view it. (Attribution and a link to this page is appreciated!) Please visit my gallery site if you would like to purchase this painting or buy a print of Mary Magdalene of the Sea.

👉This painting relates directly to the energies of the September 2022 equinox. Read my equinox energy update here. Or view the video below.

Do you have a connection with Mary Magdalene or the star Sirius? I would love to hear of your experience in the comments below!