We are living in changeful, exciting times. It seems every year and every month these days has something new to bring to the table. But in certain months, the energy is so intense it’s palpable. To me, March 2023 feels like one of those months. In this March 2023 energy update:

  • I’ll be sharing my personal insights into the energies of this upcoming month of March, and how to navigate them to advantage.
  • We’ll hit on some of the important astrological dates and numerological dates in March, 2023.

But let’s start with the channeled* message!

Akashic Message for March 2023

As we approach the equinox, there are two forces at work. One is progressive and wishes to move forward. This current is open and strong and is a creative flow of energy. This current is showing up on the left hand side. 


The other is resistant – this is on the right hand side. It is cautious about moving forward and may attempt to restrain forward momentum. 


Neither is bad or good. Those aware of these energies can use them to advantage. Ask for the appropriate energies to be applied as needed for highest good. 


Where you have clear desires towards manifesting in high vibration, the progressive current will carry you forward effortlessly provided you trust deeply in it and hold full expectation that your wish is being fulfilled. 


Where your desires are not clear and/or if you have a lot of energy blocking you at this time, the progressive energy will likely create a purging or purification process in your energy field. 


The restrictive energy will automatically activate when and where your actions and /or clarity of vision are not fully aligned. This is a protective mechanism, and will help ensure that anything you do bring into being is is alignment with your highest purpose (as opposed to miscreating). 


Wherever your plans appear to be opposed, therefore do not be frustrated. This does not mean they are not valid or will not come to fruition. It is an invitation to relax into the flow. 


If you find it difficult to relax, you may need to pause, take stock, notice where misalignment may be showing up, and correct these areas. 


Be especially aware of any energies of anxiety that might be distorting your field. These will trigger the resistive force. Should you find this is happening, do what you need to do to clear these energies before you move forward. 


This may simply be a matter of stopping for a while to calm, still, and ground body and mind until you feel uplifted and balanced enough to resume activity. Or, you may be required to sharpen your focus – clarify what it is you really want and/or don’t want in your life before things start to flow again. 


Or, you may need to systematically observe where your energy feels blocked and then invite the progressive energy to help you work on active clearing of these areas.

So what does this mean? Let’s examine the energies I was feeling first.

Divine Feminine kundalini earth goddess

The Rise of Divine Feminine – With Divine Masculine in Full Support

Typically, spiritually when things appear on the left hand side that represents feminine energies. Things appearing on the right hand side are going to represent more masculine energies.

And right now, this month, I’m feeling that this big current of manifesting energy that I’m feeling is just that:  it’s a feminine creative force that’s coming in really, really super strongly right now.  I’m going to be delving into that quite a bit more soon in my upcoming March 2023 Equinox message.

If you watched my latest video on masculine vs feminine energies, you will remember that the feminine energy is a manifesting energy.

This Divine Feminine energy is bringing spiritual concepts such as harmony and healing down from the ethers to take actual form here on earth. And so when we hold a high-vibrational vision in our minds and hearts, it assists and really helps that to happen.

For now, it’s enough to note that we’ve got this feminine energy that’s really wanting to manifest or have things flow, and then this masculine energy that’s a little more resistant to that. It feels to me like the masculine’s coming in as sort of a check and balance and to assist and guide and direct that feminine energy where needed.

And like the message said, neither is inherently bad nor good. These can both work to our advantage if we work with the positive aspects of both these currents of energy.

To me, what I’m seeing here is the strong potential for the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies to come together and really start working together in harmony this month, in a big way. I believe this is a real turning point for bringing 5D ascension energy into reality here on Earth. Many of us have been working hard sowing the seeds for this for quite some time; now we may see some of these effort bear fruit in the “real world.”

Keep in mind, of course, that we are still moving through the 3D-5D bifurcation process.

If you are not familiar with what spiritual bifurcation means, briefly, bifurcation refers to a splitting in two, creating two systems out of one. If you would like a quick primer, this article offers a good basic understanding. (These author’s views are not necessarily mine; I just offer this as a quick way to get up to speed with the basic concept.)

The author states near the end of the article that bifurcation occurs in three phases:

  1. pre-bifurcation stability, where things operate according to the old system
  2. a period of instability and seeming chaos where the old systems are disrupted and new ones begin to form, and
  3. a return to stability, albeit in two different and distinct places or ways.

Right now I believe we are for the most part fully in Stage 2 of the bifurcation; however at this juncture the energies are now beginning to coalesce into patterns that will become stable once we hit Stage 3.

Keep in mind that because this is a bifurcation of energies, we can expect to emerge out of this period (I believe somewhere around 2031) with two systems in place – one continuing the 3D trajectory and the other representing evolution into 5D. These may exist for a time in parallel on the earth, but eventually one will need to disappear because the vibration of the Earth will no longer resonate with it. Most spiritually aware people are in agreement at this time that we are heading ultimately towards an embodied 5D existence. This may not take full form however for several hundred or even several thousand years.

March 2023 Energy Update: How Can We Prepare?

If you examine the March 2023 energy update message above, it’s saying basically that either you’re gonna be called into stillness in order to get over whatever blocks that you’re feeling…

Or there may be some active clearing or purging that you may need to do.

Some examples of where to look for some of these energies that may be blocked include:

  • Emotional resistances or disturbances
  • Clutter in the home
  • Clutter in your digital files and/or inbox
  • Disorganized finances
  • Stagnated physical systems (blood, lymph, digestion, etc.)
  • Limiting beliefs
  • Negative spiritual entities
  • Excess weight or baggage of any kind

Remember the Law of Correspondence: as above, so below. Our physical, environmental, mental, emotional, and spiritual fields are all interconnected. The simple act of cleaning your desk, for example, could help to initiate a positive shift and/or growth in any other area of your life.

Of special note is that disorganization of any kind can really block energy and may be the cause of stagnation if you are experiencing blocks. Cleaning house, fasting, soul retrieval work, or purging unnecessary financial commitments can all help clear the way for positive energy to flow. You may just need to move your body! These are all activities that can greatly help the energies of March, 2023 flow in positive ways in your life.

March 2023 Energy Update: Important Dates (March 2023 Astrology & Numerology)

illustration to illustrate full moon in virgo march 2023

March 7th, we have a full moon in Virgo.

Virgo is a wonderful, wonderful archetype for clearing and releasing. It’s typically concerned with proper hygiene, both spiritual and physical. Working with the physical body is perfect, of course, for spring cleaning, which is why it comes up at this time.

This will be a great time to let go of your next round of physical, mental, and or spiritual baggage. This also goes for unhealthy attachments to people, beliefs, and/or things. This full moon in Virgo in March 2023 can help with all of this.

So if you feel like there are things you need to purge or purify, you might consider using this full moon in order to assist with that process. Any kind of meditation, ritual ceremony that you do around forgiveness, letting go, or anything to do with releasing will be really highly empowered at this time.

March 14th: Gamma Normids Meteor Shower

A week after the full moon we have the peak of the Gamma Normids meteor shower. This is a relatively minor meteor shower, But, it’s a precursor to the larger meteor showers we’ll see in April, August, and October.

So what I’m feeling around the spiritual meaning of this meteor shower, a couple things that come to mind are:

  • Spiritual assistance being showered upon you.
  • Meteor showers occur when space dust, cosmic dust, etc. is burned up in the atmosphere. So again, there’s that sense of purging, clearing in order to create energy, that we can use to illuminate our lives.

Keep in mind that right around the 14th is the peak of this time but the Normids are active from Feb. 25 through March 28th this year. Any energies we’re working with or seeding into the etheric field or any kind of clearing at this time will be echoed and amplified in April, August, and October of this year.  We may see repeated cycles of whatever we’re working on now, especially if it’s clearing work or a receiving of blessings. Be of aware of what’s happening and you may see repeats of this, or if you did a lot of clearing right now in this month, it may be opening the way for receiving those blessings  in those future months.

March 20th: the Equinox

The 2023 Spring Equinox (Northern Hemisphere – Fall Equinox in the Southern) will be at 5:24 PM Eastern Time. Again, I’ll be creating a video on the March 2023 Equinox soon. There’s huge energy around this, so don’t miss that one. If you haven’t yet subbed to my YouTube channel, this is a good reason to do so now!

March 21st: New Moon in Aries

The New Moon in Aries triggers the start of a new astrological year. In 2023, it occurs less than 24 hours from the Equinox: a powerful sign of New beginnings. And, get this:  it happens at 1 23 Eastern Time on 3/21. So 1,2, 3, 3, 2, 1. There’s a flow to this that feels significant. Baby steps, perhaps. To me, 1-2-3 indicates progression, and 3-2-1 is a countdown. So it fits with moving towards new beginnings.

March 2023 Energy Update: a few more important dates

In March, 2023, we have the 3/3/2023 on March 3rd, and on March 30th, the 3/30/2023. These numerological sequences combine the Master Builder number of 22 with the Master Teacher number of 33. Three more dates, March 2nd (3/2/2023), March 20th (3/20/2023) and March 22nd (3/22/2023) are also power dates that carry harmonics of the master numbers 22 and 33.

So these Master Builder and Master Teacher numbers happen in conjunction throughout this decade of the 2020s when we have that 2, 2 and 3, 3 sequences happening in March. So you can see that this entire decade is building in some huge, huge new energies. We all know we’re moving into that age of Aquarius, into a whole new way of being. And these numbers indicate that this Aquarian energy receives a big boost every March because each successive year of this decade is another great big push into that new Age we’re going into.

Last year  in 2022, we had a strengthening of the Master Builder right around this time because we had that, 3/3/2022 (after a whole month of 2/2022!). Now we’ve got the 3/3/2023. So in that relationship the Master Teacher is coming forward to play a bigger role (a precursor to the upcoming decade of the 2030’s).

What does it mean to welcome in the Master Teacher?

Well, just feel into the power of your own inner teacher, your inner guru. And know that we’ve got everything that we need. You’re going to be given everything you need in March, 2023 and beyond as long as you can relax into it and receive the wisdom of the Universe that is there for you.

You can hold yourself open, hold your heart open to it. What happens when you do this is that you’re calling in the Christ stream, the Christ impulse. (This is a spiritual energy, not a religious thing, and it is available to everyone. It is the direct connection between yourself and the Creator, Spirit, Source, the Godhead, whatever word you want to use for Universal Consciousness.)  This month is going be a really, really powerful opportunity to really open and develop that connection.

Be the Divine Student

Another practice to consider around the idea of the master teacher:

We are all here to teach each other. Everyone and everything that comes into your field. Challenges and/or challenging people, challenging situations. Some of the times those are the very best teachers. So look for the lessons in everything. What can I learn from this? What lessons can I take away from this, no matter what it is?

To summarize, March 2023 ushers in incredibly powerful evolutionary energies.

These numbers—the 3/3/2023 and the 3/30/203—hold space like bookends at either end of the month of March. These number vibrations underscore the vast power moving in the world this month. So, brace yourself! Whether these energies feel challenging or exhilarating, seeing them as opportunities to learn, grow, and evolve can open incredible portals of opportunity for us at this time.

For many if not most of us, this may mean a lot of opportunity for cleansing and purification. This is true whether you’re in the northern or southern hemisphere. In the Northern Hemisphere,this will likely pave the way for growth or manifesting action of some kind. If you’re in the Southern hemisphere, it may feel more like \preparing for deep, deep introspection.

Either way, it’s a great time for clearing away whatever isn’t serving your highest purpose. Get ready for some deep, deep spring or fall cleaning this March!

March 2023 Energy Update: One More Thing

If we read between the lines of all of this, we do have a lot of help.

These energies are like birthing contractions. It’s like a giant portal opening, and it’s really important to remember that we’re not alone.

Anytime you have portals opening to this huge extent, it’s going to attract a lot of spiritual beings.

We know that there’s a lot of benevolent spiritual assistance for us. So you can call on your own personal spirit team. You can call on your star family, you can call on your angels, you can call on your ascended masters, whether it’s Jesus or Buddha or Kuan Yin or White Buffalo Calf Woman. Your spirit animals, your ancestors, your helper guides, whomever it is that you resonate with.

They’re all there to assist us. We just need to remember to ask.

There’s a lot of energy here in this month and a lot of potential for joy. And there’s just so, so much support. We can support each other as well.

And speaking of supporting each other…

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(If you prefer, you can also view the contents of this blog in video form below. I’ve also included an oracle reading to support us through the month of March, 2023, using the Bee Sisterhood Oracle Deck.


*To qualify what I mean when I say the message at the top of this blog is “channeled”: There are many channels such as Lee Carol who provide the physical means for spiritual entities to communicate; many of these are doing excellent and beneficial work. Just to be clear, I’ve never done that kind of work.  I personally don’t channel any other being other than my higher self, my own connection to the ethers. I do sometimes refer to my Akashic guides but I feel these are aspects of myself at some level. On occasion I may receive messages from other beings that I feel I’m being asked to share. (For instance, in my 2022 Winter Solstice energy update video I shared a message from the whales.) In those cases I act as a messenger or translator only and always retain fully in control of my own consciousness. 🙂