Can you feel the 2021 Lion’s Gate energies? Would you like to explore them more deeply? Then you’re in the right place! In last week’s lionsgate portal 2021 blog, I shared the significance of the 2021 lion’s gate portal, along with some guidance from my spirit team to help navigate these energies with grace and ease. This week, we’re going to go deeper into the energies of Lion’s Gate 2021, explained through the medium of sacred art (the painting shared in last week’s video.)

First, the story of this year’s Lion’s Gate painting:

About a month before the 2021 8-8 portal, Lion Spirit kept dancing around the edges of my mind.

“Paint me!” he implored.

He wouldn’t leave me alone, so eventually I  broke out the acrylics. I searched the web for an appropriate reference photo and found a striking one of a black lion with intense golden eyes. That was the one! And in two quick, intense sessions this dude here emerged:

Acrylic painting of a lion by Ona Christie

I could hear a rumble of approval from Lion Spirit as I gazed at his fiery visage. So powerful…and yet, so dark. Almost foreboding.

But wait…Lion Spirit wasn’t finished with me yet.

“Paint me again,” he commanded. “This time, use watercolor. And paint me in Light.”

So I did. Here is what emerged:

Watercolor lion painting by Ona Christie

“Call of the Lion” by Ona Christie. Prints available at

Last week, I tuned into the energies of Lion’s Gate 2021 through this painting and  Lion Spirit, asking about the symbolism of the different elements that had emerged in the image as I painted it. The following is the channeled guidance I was given to share: Lion’s Gate 2021 explained through this piece of sacred art.

Lion’s Gate 2021, Explained

(What is the meaning of the 3 circles?)

The three circles may be understood in multiple ways. Here are two:

1.      Divine Trinity and Emergence

The trinity of the three circles represents the union of the Divine Masculine with the Divine Feminine, out of which rises the Divine Child. This is Christ consciousness rising, the illumination of the soul.

It is a static painting, but in actuality this is a process, and it is dynamically happening across infinite timelines. It happens within the individual as well as collectively; where many timelines converge, the collective emergence of Christ Consciousness grows stronger.

At this time Humanity has reached a collective tipping point where this energy is now being activated en masse. The consciousness of Gaia herself is experiencing this. The planetary enlightenment is both triggered by and triggering individual enlightenment activations, and it is having a domino effect on the planet.

This effect can be exponential, and there is no stopping the rising of the Light.

However, light will cast shadows. Remember that shadow is merely the absence of light. Think of the sun rising, illuminating the land yet leaving some areas still in shadow. These shadow areas only can be seen because the sun has risen and exposed them. In this way, this alignment event will also trigger large scale shadow events as the shadow side must be flushed up for transmutation to take place. Know it for what it is and do not lose heart.

2.      Divine Trinity and Sacred Alignment

The three circles can also be seen to represent the three levels or expressions of Divine Love as experienced by the human soul. The first, the topmost circle, represents Source itself, Universal Love, the Creator, Great Spirit, God, the All. The other two circles represent the collective consciousness of Humanity and the sovereign individual soul.

The supremacy of the top circle signifies that Divine will must always supersede individual will and collective will. Should the individual, through free will, put himself in opposition to Divine will, the natural consequences of this action will create pain and suffering such that the individual will eventually be forced either to realign with Light or perish. Should a collective consciousness, through free will, be in opposition to Divine will, it to must choose to realign or to face dissolution and destruction. This is the new paradigm under the Love frequencies now entering the planet: that which is not in harmony with Divine Will will no longer be able to persist on this planet. This will happen naturally through acts of nature as well as the natural evolution of human nature; not through human judgement. Stay in your heart.

Image of Celtic symbol of three intersecting circles

(What is the meaning of the inner triangle, the convergence of the three circles?)

Gazing at the inner triangle shape you are seeing the opening of the Lion’s Gate itself, which at this time is penetrating through the veil and available to shine directly into our souls.

This image thus activates the potential for full alignment between the Central Sun, our earthly Sun, and the Sun within your own heart – the Universal, the Collective, and the Sovereign Self in full alignment and unity.


(What is the meaning of the 6 rays?)

We are in a time of activation through the power of 3 – a catalyzing energy. A time of great change on the planet.

6 is 2 times 3: the power of three expressed through duality. 6 in its positive, natural expression signifies harmony and balance. The power of 6 will be reflected back threefold over the next 6 years (culminating in the year 2027, which breaks down to the Master Number 11: 2+0+2+7=11).

The number 666 is misunderstood as many have chosen through fear, ignorance, or intentional manipulation to focus attention on the shadow side of this numerological vibration.

Lift up thine eyes and you will see that the shadow events of 666 only signify a reaction to the brilliance of the rays of Light that are now at this time made available to you on the planet and will remain available to you henceforth.

Choose to focus on the dark and you will remain in the dark, as you will have turned your back on the Light. But know that Light is the true power, Dark is only the absence of light, it has no power of its own. All you need to do is turn around, face the light, have the courage to fully open your heart to the magnificence of your own being, a christed child of God, to understand that this world is truly blessed, and in that understanding you will begin to reflect light into the deepest darkness on the planet.

That time is coming, dear ones, and it is not far from now. So take heart!

666 breaks down (6+6+6=18; 1+8=9). into the single digit of 9, the number of completion. The year 2022 is the year of 666, which initiates this process. The year 2025 is a 9 year and completes an epic cycle and will be the turning point, perhaps the point of darkest shadow, the point at which the shadow rulers of this planet will be forced to face the roar of the Lion.

This will not end suffering on this planet and it will not bring the period of transitory chaos to an end but clear the way for the beginning of a new order which will eventually give birth to a new Golden Age for all humanity.   

(What is the core message of the Lion painting?)

Your heart is the key. There is a magnetic quality to your heart that will draw to you that which you need. Everything comes to you as you need it. When something comes to you which you find unpleasant, release the temptation to curse it, for your soul is sovereign and knows better than you what you need.

Instead, find the golden lining, the gift, the pearl within the experience. Meet adversity with gratitude, with the direct gaze and fierce heart of a lion.

Your greatest asset in times of need is your heart itself. Compassion and courage, when united in one heart, create an alchemy that can banish and/or transmute all evil.

And now: Lion’s Gate 2021 explained…by you!

I’m feeling that these channelings are only just the tip of the iceberg for what this image may be here to reveal. Now it’s your turn!

I invite you to tune into the golden Lion above (or the dark Lion for that matter), and trust your own inner guidance: when you  what wisdom and information do you receive?  If you feel it would be helpful to the collective to share, please post your insights below.


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