12 Spiritual Laws Webinar Replay

Discover the Essential Esoteric Laws We Can Use to Create a Love-Based Paradigm on Mother Earth

“thank you! wonderful presentation so much information and clarity!🙂💛” – Joanna S.

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12 Spiritual Laws Essential Crash Course for Starseeds 

The 12 Spiritual Laws are fundamental spiritual principals that underlie all creation.

Knowing these spiritual laws will help you learn to distinguish between illusion (a.k.a. bullshit) and Truth so you can make better choices and ascend faster and far more gracefully.

More awesomeness, less suffering – yay!

In this 90 minute workshop, you will:

  • Learn about the 12 Universal Spiritual Laws
  • Explore why awareness of these principals is so critical at this time of Great Awakening
  • Discover ways to use the 12 Spiritual Laws in your own life to accelerate your spiritual mastery, protect yourself and your loved ones, and manifest awesomeness
  • Discuss how these principals are at play in our collective ascension at this time

(This workshop took place on September 18, 2021. The replay has been lightly edited for after-the-event viewing. )

Webinar Feedback

“thank you very much for all this great information. ” – Erika R.

“Excellent presentation and presence today ❤I’m so glad you hosted the class, I’m signed up for masterclass!!!” – Kristine M. 

“Thank You Ona, this was really helpful!” – Jane N. 

“I enjoyed your presentation. I would say it’s a good spiritual shot in the arm.” – Bridget S. 

“I enjoyed your class on the 12 Spiritual Laws and look forward to the workshop.” – Kim

“Thank you for this class, Ona. You delivered some great content, and I enjoyed the discussion.” – Michelle N.

“This is wonderful. Just what I need. Thank you for taking inspired action Ona✨☺️✨ Just signed up for your class. So excited to learn, and inner-stand so I can positivity affect others.” – Marni

“thank you! wonderful presentation so much information and clarity!🙂💛” – Joanna S.

About Ona Christie 

Ona Christie Martin is a visionary artist, writer, energy worker, YouTube creator, and catalyst for sacred change. She channels higher self wisdom to assist humanity in collectively manifesting a beautiful world where all people can be happy and free in harmony with Mother Earth.

Ona has been described by clients as “spiritual jumper cables” and “a combination of magic mirror and inner wilderness guide.” To receive her weekly email updates, click here.