Hello beautiful soul. Welcome to this June Solstice 2024 Energy Update.

I’m going to be sharing here some insights and guidance that was given through my Akashic Guides about this June 2024 solstice season. They shared with me some general information about the solstice, along with some specific information about this June 2024 solstice, as well as some things that we can do to make the most of this time. 

Watch this message on YouTube here (plus an oracle reading to support us through the Solstice season)

The Solstice and the Cycle of Life

The solstice is a time out of time. It represents the Stopping of time when the Sun comes to a standstill: in the case of the summer solstice, at its apex. It is a holy time because this is Light at its fullest. 

The Sun is a person, a being literally of Light. He represents the Self. 

The Solstice is a ritual of Nature that takes place twice a year in its polarity. The Sun demonstrates at the Solstice, through the Law of Polarity, and also the Law of Correspondence, that Life and death are but two sides of the same coin. 

The Sun represents the Eternal Self in all its glory. The Sun at the peak of the year is the representation of the fulfillment of Life. The Autumn Equinox represents that time of transition when the Soul travels back into the unseen planes. The Winter Solstice represents the decision of the Soul to return, as well as the gifts the soul is given to help it in the lifetime it is about to embark on, and the goals and challenges – the soul mission – it sets for itself before it arrives back on the earthly plane. And the Spring Equinox represents the birth back into the world again. 

But seen from the other side, it is the opposite: actually our physical lifetime is the dark half of the cycle. 

cycle of year image

June Solstice 2024

The June 2024 Solstice is an apex in a way. An apex of darkness – or at least it has that potential. Which means a tipping point towards increasing Light on the planet – potentially. On the other hand, a tipping point towards increasing dark is possible. Remember that these things happen both at the same time. 

It’s an invitation to get real. To ask yourself, “Why am I doing this?” (Why did I come here?)

It’s a matter of choice how this plays out on the physical plane. 

If the sum of all collective choices on the planet tip the balance towards Light, then for the rest of the natural physical lifetime of the planet, Gaia will experience physical healing and restoration. If the sum of all collective choices tip the balance towards darkness, then the physical Earth from this point forward will go into steep decline. 

Either way, we are looking at a bifurcation, with positively-oriented (ascending) souls continuing to etherize, creating an etherized “Earth” and ascending with it – and negatively-oriented souls continuing on the 3D plane of physicality. 

However, depending on the collective choice that is made during the next few years, this can happen in a way that favors the dark or in a way that favors the light. 

Ironically, many of those souls who favor the dark path of continued materialization do so out of a fear of death, not realizing that the victory of Light at this point will actually prolong the physical existence of a living Earth, as it will continue to be imbued with Life force as the process of etherization takes place. 

vintage sun illustration

Solstice Tips for Spiritual Warriors

This is a spiritual war, and a war of territory, with the Earth herself as the prize. And with this solstice we enter the thick of the battle.  

Doubt not that you can influence the outcome of this battle. The lines of battle are drawn in our own minds. Each individual mind is a battleground, and here is where the war is waged: what happens on the outside is only a reflection and an unfolding of the mental frequences that led up to this point. Change the frequencies, and you will begin to see the outside world change in response. 

Know that: 

  1. Every choice makes a difference. In every thought, word, and action, you can choose to act or react positively or negatively. All choices add to the balance. 
  2. Never underestimate the power of prayer. The forces of darkness may be legion but they are nothing compared to the forces of light. Tremendous spiritual reinforcements are yours if you will but ask. 
  3. If the decision has already been made in favor of Light, what remains is to act. Thought without action cannot materialize. 

Be vigilant: feel for the vibration of an impulse or invitation before you act on it. 

Act according to YOUR true timing. A smaller action that is well timed for you will do more good than taking sweeping action before you are ready, or putting it off through a desire to make it perfect. 

Be humble: realize that this is a collective understanding. Be assured that YOUR part IS significant, but your ego may not recognize it as such. Still your mind, ask humbly for next steps, and act as guided. 

Finally: remember everything starts with vision

Firm up your Vision for New Earth, and hold it clear and clean in your mind. What does a world of Love and Harmony FEEL like? Seek and hold THAT vibration, and let it be your True North. 

Watch this message on YouTube (plus an oracle reading to support us through the Solstice season):