It feels to me like the spirit world speaks more directly to us through images. However most of us require translation. This message came through first as an image. I’ve been asking my angels lately to help me by giving me clear words that I and others can understand. I am grateful to Archangel Haniel for this explanation:

Archangel Haniel on Heart’s Center

Joy. Joy in your heart. Spiraling out and from the center.

Take the time. Take the time to center. To come back to your Self.

The longing you have for others, it is a longing for wholeness. Yet wholeness is here from the very beginning, here in your heart. You have never left a state of wholeness. You can come back to it whenever you want, just by coming to stillness.

And in stillness is the joy, the eternal sound like the ringing of a singing bowl, the crystal voices of angels, that song eternal throughout time. It is Joy, oh beautiful one, it is the joyous sound of Love. When you are truly centered here, all is well. When you are truly centered here, there is nothing to fear. When you are truly centered here, all is Love.

You are always truly centered here. Only when you choose to experience otherwise will you see differently. But that is a story you tell yourself, a deliberate illusion for the purpose of exploration. A what-if fairy tale. You can play with that version of “reality” as long as you want, but when you get bored of that, when it no longer serves the purpose of your soul, when there is no more to learn from it, you can put it back on the shelf and return to center, return to Love.

For Love is All, and you are Love. And everyone you love is Love, so no matter what it looks like in this crazy projection of a world, we are already united with our lovers, with our family, with the ones who have passed on.

Think of that. Perpetual union. A coming together in ultimate bliss, always and forever. No matter what it would seem from the perspective of the world, remember this.