If you felt like June, 2021 was super intense, don’t feel you were doing anything wrong! Between eclipse season, the Solstice, and Mercury flipping into retrograde throughout most of the month, it’s no wonder if you’re feeling ready for an energy update in July, 2021!

Frankly, I believe the June 2021 Summer Solstice has ushered in another huge turning point in the ascension process we are collectively moving through. And buckle your seat belts, because I’m also feeling that the Lion’s Gate coming up on August 8th will bring an activation of these energies that will catalyze a LOT of action (and perhaps even chaos) this fall and beyond.

But what about NOW? What about the energies of July, 2021?

Energy Update: July 2021

Here is the message I received from my akashic guidance when I tuned in for the July, 2021 energy update:

This is a time of in-between, an anchoring and integrating of the energies of the Summer Solstice and preceding events. It is a time of ripening, of flowering, a time to soak in the Light and enjoy good company.

Allow yourself to experience fulfillment in every way that you can. Fill your tanks.

Rest, sleep, soak in the Sun, drink in the beauty of Nature.

Rejoice in the flowers. Take the time to notice them and praise them for not only their beauty but their function in bringing forth new life. Let them teach you the ways of beauty, the role that beauty plays in abundance and evolution.

Fill your soul with beauty and with gratitude to carry you through as summer nights lengthen into winter and we face the gathering storms.

What to make of this? A few things to note:

  • Let’s get this one out of the way first: while the focus of the message is on beauty and Light, the foreshadowing at the end is anything but subtle. It would be super nice to believe that things are starting to get back to normal after the whole 2020 scene. But don’t count on it! As this video explains in more detail, it feels to me like 2020 was just a warm up for what’s to come.
  • The phrase “Fill your tanks” really jumps out at me. Clearly the encouragement is to engage in a lot of self care spiritually and physically. But beyond that I’m also getting a big hit from Bee spirit guide, that animal that is so in resonance with the floral devas. It would not hurt at this time to take a cue from Bee and literally stock up on everything you need to get through the winter (I’m talking filling your freezer and pantry, as well as socking away some extra cash or barterable material goods) – without losing sight of Spirit’s focus on gratitude and the power of beauty to sustain the soul!
  • This line is worth pondering: “…the role that beauty plays in abundance and evolution.” In a culture that has both marginalized the importance of beauty and at the same time blown it into insane proportions through sexualization and commercialization, it seems that our relationship to beauty is ripe for healing. And perhaps that is one of the primary keys to healing humanity.

For a deeper dive into the energies of July, 2021 and beyond (plus a dose of floral beauty from Upper Michigan), watch this month’s energy update on YouTube: