“Everyone is born a genius, but the process of living de-geniuses them.”― R. Buckminster Fuller

It’s Time to Architect the Change YOU Want to See In Your World. 

We live in challenging times. But beyond all the craziness…lies tremendous opportunity for AWESOMENESS! 

You see, these are times of prophecy, where old orders and systems are disintegrating to make way for new. A time of deconstruction, yes…but also a time for reconstruction. A time of tremendous power to create. 

And creating a beautiful new reality on Planet Earth begins with you. 

Would you like to experience… 

  • A sense of fulfillment that you are on track with your purpose in life
  • Deeper spiritual connection—which may include a profound inner knowing and/or connecting with your spirit guides and angels—without losing your sense of reality
  • A state of heightened creative flow where ideas flow free and projects are easy to complete
  • Magical synchronicities, where “impossible” things happen in your favor
  • A feeling of euphoric, joyful well-being, knowing that no matter what happens, you are going to be all right
  • Improved relationships in life and work (or maybe even connecting with that special soul mate)
  • The ability to effortlessly manifest abundance, whether in your business or just attracting the right things into your life?

This is the state I like to call your “Miracle Zone”.

It may sound like fantasy, but in reality it’s a completely natural way to be. All wild things have their own “superpowers” that help them thrive in the world. They naturally live in their genius zone; that’s why Nature is so harmonious.

For us, it’s a little harder to get there. But because the genius of humanity is to create, it’s your birthright to get there if you choose!

And the most wonderful thing about it is that as you center yourself into your own personal Miracle Zone, you anchor that energy onto the planet. Your very presence creates ripples of positive change that influences everyone else around you in beautiful ways. You become an Architect of Creation and Master Builder, joining a critical number of awakened souls on the planet who are forerunners in co-creating a beautiful new world.

Are You Feeling the Call?

So many souls right now are “waking up” and feeling called to return to their natural Miracle Zone. It can feel like this: 

  • A sense of longing that can’t be quenched.
  • A knowing that you are here for a reason – and the time is NOW to find that purpose and start doing what you’re here to do!
  • Or a strong feeling that you need to attract or connect with something or someone specific– your life partner, life purpose, angels, spirit guides, etc. 
  • A desire to seek a new direction (or maybe even start a business!) that aligns with your soul.
  • Or perhaps you are experiencing a sudden spiritual awakening and are just trying to make sense of this amazing new world that is opening up for you.

If you can relate to this, it’s a sign that your soul is asking you to step into your higher purpose and help make the world a better place for yourself and others!

As an old soul, you already have everything you need within you to access your Miracle Zone. (You may already have been having miraculous experiences for some time!) But we live in a world of illusion, and sometimes it’s invaluable to have a guide to help you disentangle from the “stickiness” so you can move forward with clarity, ease, and joy. 

If you are feeling guided to learn more about working with me, here’s how I can support you on your journey:  

Artfully Awaken Your Spiritual Superpowers

Soul Visioning is a unique (and fun!) Spirit-led process that gently and effectively helps you find and stay in your Miracle Zone.

Working very intuitively, we will:

  • Identify your Spiritual Superpowers
  • Get clarity on your Divine Purpose
  • Clear negative mental or energetic patterning that may be blocking you from reaching your goals
  • Develop a strong Spiritual Awareness practice that will help you recognize and avoid “trickster” energies as well as sharpen your internal GPS so you can 
  • Learn spiritual protection techniques that will help you stay clear and aligned with your purpose
  • More deeply connect with your spirit guides, angels, and Higher Self (Inner Genius)
  • Deepen your connection with Mother Earth and the natural world
  • Learn grounding techniques and practices that will help you stay centered and on path no matter what is going on around you
  • Provide you with spiritual tools and shamanic artwork to help you stay connected with your Inner Genius
  • Help you on the path to living in your Miracle Zone:  vibrant, alive, and naturally able to create and attract Beauty, Joy, and Abundance for yourself and others just by being and doing what comes most easily to you. 

My clients report that this work helps them immediately feel more grounded, spiritually aware, clear, and connected. And ultimately it has helped many find meaning, fulfillment, purpose, and real happiness in life, work, and relationships. 

 Want to Know More?

Click here to learn more about the Soul Visioning process. If you have additional questions about working with me, schedule a complimentary Clarity Call with me here.

Or, if you’re feeling ready to dive right in, schedule your first Soul Visioning session here!  

Ona Christie Martin
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