The September 2021 Equinox took place at 3:21 PM Eastern Time today. Here, just sharing spirit guidance when I inquired about the energies of this event.

Equinox Transmission 1

This equinox is a tipping point of major significance in Earth history as well as human history.

The events leading up to this juncture, including and not limited to the 11/11 gateway and December solstice of 2020, the March equinox and June solstice energies of 2021, and the recent opening of the Lion’s Gate, have all initiated us with Light codes designed to take us into the new dimension.

This is a time when we are being asked to take action on our beliefs. The time for action is here.

The agents of destruction and dissolution are playing the part they were meant to play, of dismantling and deconstruction that which no longer serves the higher path of the collective and the consciousness of the planet as a whole. For make no mistake that you and your planet are one, inseparable.

But their power to destroy must be kept in check even as it runs its course.

Do not try to fight this power overtly. Rather acquaint yourself with the letter of the  law. Know and uphold your rights, the rights of the living under natural law. Listen and watch for guidance, and when you receive guidance that is clear and resonates with truth in service to greater Love, take decisive action without hesitation.

Know that you are protected and that the forces of light surrounding you at this time are legion and unwavering.

Again we say, know your rights, and know that none other but God’s law defends them. Stand by the letter of the law.

Heart activation remains a key factor. By staying in your heart, you will stay within your rights.

Equinox Transmission 2

Objects in motion remain in motion unless and until acted upon by some force. Observe the trends in the greater collective. Know that these trends, should they not meet with significant resistance, will continue their trajectory.

This is the time to decide for yourself what that should mean for yourself, your loved ones and for humanity.

Forces of chaos are best met and neutralized not by violence but with clarity and level headed intention. God’s law is clear and unequivocal. Human law in alignment with God’s law is clear and easy to understand, fair and just to the common man. It changes not due to station or identity.

This is a time when Reason must stand side by side with Intuition to create a unified front.

Unity is paramount. A people of one mind cannot be vanquished. Decide what you stand for. Envision your desired outcome, both for yourself individually and for the collective. Find commonality.

Do not focus on differences. When enough of humanity steps forward with unified intention, aligned with a higher Love, and begins to take action, even small action, towards that intention, the tide will turn.

Fear not that the odds are against you. It need not be a great percentage of humanity, even a very few holding a unified higher vision and acting according to the laws of Truth can effect miracles.

Speak your mind and fear not. Fear is the true enemy. You know this, yet it will continue to test and torment you until you take a stand and recognize that giving in to Fear, no matter how justified it seems, has never done anything but feed the forces of Fear and fuel Fear’s agenda. It is time to take a stand, shoulder to shoulder, and draw a line that cannot be crossed.

The Law upholds you. Remember this, True Law is on your side.

Final message for the September 2021 Equinox

Take heart. A great Light is upon us. This is the true dawning of the new era, the breaking of the Sun on the horizon.
The Christ energy is stationed now on the planet. The energetic bones of the new scaffolding is in place. It remains now only to follow through with what has already been done. Now is the time for action.


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