Dave the white dove

Had an awesome dove experience a couple of weekends ago.

I am a member of a healer’s group that just had a big 4-day workshop in Chicago. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend the entire session because we had to bring our exchange student, Hazuki, back down to East Lansing on Saturday and say farewell to her. 🙁 We will miss her! But after that, my daughter Aster and I boogied to Chicago to catch the last day of the Oneness Healing event.

When we got there Saturday evening, everyone was excited to tell us about an uninvited but very welcome attendee.

Dave the Dove had arrived at the hotel on Wednesday evening, at about the same time as most of the rest of the participants. Pure white but rather bedraggled, he actually entered the lobby and had to be shooed out, but then was sighted in various spots outside the hotel before finally settling in to keep vigil just outside our conference room.

He seemed to like the energy, because he stayed there through the entire weekend. By the time I got there he was looking splendid and healthy with his shining white feathers and ruby red feet. (Was it the positive vibes we were sending out or simply the crumbs one of our members threw him each morning? Guess we’ll never know, but I suspect a piece of each.)

Why was he there? I think he carried a message of hope as the world makes the shift into a higher spiritual plane.

But Dave surely was there also for a specific person in the group. During one of our meditations three of us (myself and two others out of only a dozen or so healers) independently had white dove imagery come in for this person. And she told us afterward that the dove does have special significance for her.

When the time came for us to leave, we looked around for Dave to say goodbye, but he was nowhere to be found. Perhaps he knew his purpose there had been fulfilled.

Thank you, Dave. Your presence this weekend was truly treasured!