Angel painting copyright Anne C Michelsen 2015

Angels are everywhere!

Weekend before last I took my daughter Aster down to Kenosha for a scholarship competition at Carthage College, her top college pick for next year. Which meant we got to visit and stay in Milwaukee for the weekend with my good friend Lisa. 🙂

For some reason the topic of crystal cleansing came up. Lisa asked us how you do it and I told her there’s a lot of ways but I just bless them, (Mostly because I’m too lazy and impatient to do some of the other methods like burying in salt, etc.) I bring in the light from above and just clear it out.

And then Aster said she does that too, but she doesn’t bring in light from above.

“The light’s already in the crystal,” she explained, “I just bring it outwards from center.”

And when she said that I realized that’s what I do too, after bringing it down into the crystal. But she got me thinking, this from above thing, maybe that’s just conventional thought. It’s handy in a way, very handy at times, but I think she’s right – Source is everywhere, right?

So that got me thinking. (“Always a dangerous thing,” as Aster would say!)

I’ve been exploring going into the body more, bringing the light down deep into the tissues, into the very cells and the spaces between. And I realized that there are little angels everywhere.

Each cell has its angel, and each part of each cell ad infinitum down to the very quarks and particles of matter that we are, each has its own little angel. You can imagine each one as a little spark of radiant light and when they all light up together it’s something amazing.

Really, we are truly luminous beings.

And if you think of it that way, if you step away from the above-below model, it’s much easier to conceive of the light being within, as yourself being one with the light. And easier to see the light in others, too.

What do you think?

Featured Artwork: “Angel of Illumination” by Christie Michelsen.