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Background and Training

I am very grateful to have received and continue to receive training in spiritual law and energy work as follows: 

Usui Reiki I, II, and III (2010) 

Energy Scan Practitioner Levels I & II (2015-2017)

Akashic Records training (2019-present)

Continuous Private Study with various qualified spiritual mentors and light shamans (2010-present)

In addition, I would like to thank Mother Earth and Spirit for their constant teachings and presence. 



Hi! My name is Ona Christie Martin (Ona is pronounced “OH-na”and is a variation of my given first name, Anne.)  I help spiritually awakening people find their Miracle Zone and activate their inner genius as Divine Creators. 

As a mentor, clients have described me as “spiritual jumper cables,” and  “a combination of magic mirror and inner wilderness guide.” I use art, Nature, and energy work to help you clarify your own inner vision and develop a strong “inner GPS” so you can get on the fast track to living your purpose.  Many of my clients have told me that the work results in a deep sense of inner peace, connection with their guides, confidence, and abundance in their life and work.

It is also my joy to create beautiful artwork that activates the Divine Essence of your being. The paintings – which often include angels and animal guides – carry a very high frequency vibration that helps to activate sacred healing energy within you.

If there’s one thing I’m especially known for, it’s probably my connection with spirit animals. They’ve been speaking to me through my art and in visions since I was a small child. They are incredible teachers, adept at showing us how to live and thrive on the Earthly plane. In 2017, I was guided to create the Spirit Animal Awareness Oracle Deck. I am currently working on a honeybee-themed deck, The Journey to the Sacred Hive Oracle

I am very grateful to have found my own personal Miracle Zone in the beautiful Upper Peninsula of Michigan. When I’m not working with clients or in my studio, you may find me on my yoga mat; exploring the woods with my dog Jasmine and wonderful soulmate Rich; in the garden; or playing with Camilla (Millie) the cat.

There’s a lot more to tell, but that’s enough for now. If you’d like to get to know me better, follow me on YouTube, or subscribe to my newsletter. Or, click the button below to get in touch! 🙂


Work With Me

If you would like to learn more about the Soul Visioning process and/or commissioning a piece of art. please schedule a complimentary call with me.  Or, to experience it for yourself, book a session at a special introductory rate!