(Please explain the energies of the upcoming June Solstice of 2021.)

Open your heart. This is a time of solar influx anointing the earth with golden radiance energy.

This is the energy of joy and you must be willing to receive it. Those who are willing to receive it will receive great blessings through this solar activation.

Know that you are worthy to receive, that every human soul is worthy to receive. This is a blessing bestowed upon humanity, for the great love that is held for you, for the powerful bastion of love that You Are.

All is Love. Realizing this is a matter of coming into your Truth, for in truth you yourself are Love and it is only through the forgetting and remembering that this Love is catalyzed to ever greater expansion and expression of itself.

Realize this: ALL is Love.

And as you realize this, as you  allow it to sink deeper and deeper into your consciousness, deeper and deeper into your heart, you will begin to unlock levels of prosperity that have heretofore been unavailable on this planet.

We say “begin” because in linear time it is a process. Understand that it will appear to take time, perhaps a lot of time, but know too that in consciousness the thought is complete, it is already there. How long it will take to manifest depends on how quickly you can bring yourselves to believe.

Also know that things can happen very quickly.

If you do not believe this, challenge yourself to expect miracles. See what unfolds when you do.


(Please explain the meaning of the mudra in the drawing.)

You are expanding in consciousness. This is a victory mudra. Evolution on this planet is inevitable. This is a declaration of strength and also a powerful conduit of energy, receiving energy from above through the outstretched fingers and directing it to the earth through the downward pointing fingers. It will assist in holding to the center, anchoring your “I AM” in the present moment.

The heart, crown, and sacral chakras are highlighted because these are the energy centers being activated at this time, connecting the divine masculine and divine feminine with the divine creative power, the life force energy of the planet.

This is a powerful surfacing of Joy and it will be received with open hearts by some and with massive resistance and backlash by others who will try to extinguish the Light, for it is painful to them as it will force them to come face to face with their own karmic burden.

Holding stable in the other four major chakras is critical at this time, for it will provide the stable framework needed for this activation to take place.

  • Root chakra – grounding
  • Solar chakra – confidence
  • Throat chakra – courage
  • 3rd eye chakra – focus

If you liked this blog, check out the accompanying video for some extra commentary. Also stay tuned for a second video – I will be pulling cards for each of these centers to support in strengthening them in the weeks leading up to and following the Solstice.