What is the 11-11 Portal?

The 11/11 Gateway is a significant energy portal that we’ll be feeling between approximately Samhain (Halloween/All Saint’s Day) and Thanksgiving. At this time we will be receiving a massive influx of light energy. This is in response to the accelerated awakening of large numbers of human beings over the past few months.

The 11/11 portal is a holy convergence of energy that will be a significant turning point in the apparent progression of events on Earth and will accelerate the spiritual evolution process currently underway on this planet.

Why is the November 11, 2020 Gateway significant?

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During this time, the spiritual realm is especially accessible. Even though the incoming energies are benevolent, it is important to understand that the portal itself is basically an open door. It will make it easier to access ALL spiritual energies. That means it will amplify energies of ALL frequencies. Therefore it is very important to shield yourself from energies that are damaging to your field.

Dark forces are sensing these incoming rays already and are bracing themselves for impact. Do not be surprised if you notice an increase in chaotic, negative, and/or disturbing events or energies on the planet at this time.

At the same time, I have been assured that Humanity is being held very strongly in the light at this time. A great deal of Light energy is becoming available to us, and if you are sensitive to these energies you may experience things like a significant expansion of psychic abilities, very active dream states, synchronicities, etc. They may also trigger purification within your body or mind in the form of emotional released, physical purges, release from addictions, etc.

“Shocking” information for starseeds and lightworkers about the 11/11 portal of 2020:

As these incoming Light energies are directed into the core of the earth, it will be like an electric CPR shot (defibrillator) to the heart of the earth. This is an emergency measure that may result in some experience of trauma, yet it will assist in reviving a weakened pulse and bringing life back to a dying frequency. This is done both for the sake of Mother Earth and for humanity, but more for humanity. Mother Earth does not need this to survive, but humanity plays an important role in the brainwaves of Mother Earth. This shock treatment is being applied to revive a failing human continuum and thus avoid excessive brain damage to the Earth.

All  of us who are attuned to the light will be helping to ground these incoming frequencies into the planet. However certain individuals may be called to function as spiritual lighting rods to help ground the incoming Light energies into the planet. These are individuals who have been doing regular grounding and shielding work, and are capable of withstanding these energies and directing them safely to the earth.

DO NOT attempt to do this work unless you have received extensive grounding training, AND feel explicitly called by your spirit team to be of service in this way. These energies are not to be taken lightly. Even though they are benevolent energies, they are very powerful and can result in injury if you are not properly prepared. IF you find yourself called to be a grounding rod, remember that maintaining and even amplifying your daily grounding practices is ESSENTIAL at this time.

Prepare for Impact: Ground, Shield, Be Still, and Stay in Your Heart

The 11/11 portal of 2020 may appear to trigger catastrophic events on the planet. As my guides put it, “The Augean stables cannot be cleaned without a shitshow.” Know that whatever happens, it is a matter of disturbing and uprooting negative psychic energies on a grand scale so they can be cleared and release the planet and humanity from the existing 3D matrix.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at what we can do to prepare for these energies and for the changes and events they are likely to trigger in the world.

The Top 4 practices I’ve been guided to maintain to a high degree at this time are:

  1. Maintain your shields. If you are not yet practicing effective spiritual protection techniques daily (preferably morning and night, plus any time you’re doing energy work of any kind), this is a great time to start. One excellent resource I’m aware of for this is Lisa Renee’s Psychic Self Defense course*, available on her Energetic Synthesis website.
  2. Connect daily to the 5D Earth and to the Light. There are many ways to ground yourself, including earthing, meditation, qigong, breath work, yoga, hand mudras, etc.  Be sure to connect to the crystal 5D core of the earth to avoid sending your energy into the 3D earth matrix that is being dismantled right now. You can energetically “ground” to the Central Sun in a similar way as you do to the core of the earth, or hold yourself to the Light. Maintain your connection to Earth and the Central Sun, and disconnect all other sources of energy.
  3. Heart coherence. Collectively we are activating the heart chakra of humanity. The more you can stay in your heart, the better you will be able to maintain and anchor the new energies onto the planet and in your own life. A simple way to get into heart coherence is simply to sit quietly and breathe into and out of your heart center. To learn more about the power and importance of heart coherence visit HeartMath.org.*
  4. Be still. Now is not the time for heroic action – especially if you are still working on stabilizing your mental, physical, emotional, and aetheric bodies within your 5D timeline (which is most of us.) Coming to stillness will allow these light energies to integrate fully and with a minimum of discomfort. Relax within your shielding, and allow yourself to receive them. That way when the time for action is at hand, you will be fortified for the work ahead.

As we move into the 11-11 Gateway of 2020 and beyond, it’s going to be super important to keep a long-term perspective on everything that is happening. Above all don’t allow yourself to be distracted by fear and panic, even if it is going on all around you. Light absolutely will prevail, and whatever chaotic things are happening, it’s just the necessary process of change at work.

More Ways to Prepare for the 2020 11/11 Gateway

Preparing your Mental Body

  • Unplug. The control matrix has constructed an impressive echo chamber in the media. Know that this is what it is, and is designed to amplify and accelerate panic. During this energy gateway unplug yourself as much as you can from outside grids of information. Where you must be connected, hold to observer role.
  • Remind yourself that your mind is your own, and your mind is free. You are a free, sovereign human being and one with the Divine. Know this, and repeat it to yourself often.
  • Be skeptical. You do not have to believe everything you are told. Be aware that when thought patterns amplify fear within your field, there is usually a negative agenda attached, especially after these thought patterns come to you through mainstream news channels.

Preparing your Physical Body

  • Have emergency supplies on hand. Stock up on essentials now. Do not worry for the long term. The world is in good hands. But prepare for short term interruptions.
  • Relax as much as you can. Breathwork, yoga, meditation, and similar practices help you stay centered in your heart and grounded.   
  • Give your body what it needs. The incoming Light frequencies will literally be changing and upgrading your DNA. This may lead to feelings of discomfort as your body undergoes a process of purification to enable it to hold a higher resonance of Light. Be gentle with yourself. Make sure you are scheduling time for adequate sleep and exercise, and feed and hydrate yourself well. All the things Mom told you to do – do them!
  • Smile and laugh. The acts of smiling and laughing are physical expressions of joy that trigger your emotional body to heal and become resilient. Don’t underestimate how powerful an “anti-dark-arts” tool this can be. Even if you’re not emotionally feeling like smiling or laughing, just getting your physical body to do it will trigger a healing response.  

Preparing your Emotional Body

  • Release any feelings of guilt around what is happening. Know that this is not your fault, that you are not contributing to this, and that every single human being on this planet is in the hands of a multitude of angels.
  • If it feels like too much to bear, ask for help. Actively ask for assistance, support, intervention. It will be forthcoming.

Preparing your Spiritual Body

  • It is especially important to cut energetic cords with any being you are inappropriately corded to. Any obsessive or compulsive emotions around any specific individual, culture, group, organization, family, company, or other single or collective entity are best addressed at this time with the appropriate energetic hygiene — cords cut or dissolved, your field cleansed, and shields raised.
  • IMPORTANT – When working with others: Perform appropriate clearing rituals first, and call your angelic team around you for support and to hold the space, conduct cord cutting, clearing, and shielding rituals before and after. Do not neglect this or skimp on these practices.
  • Visualize multitudes of angels and/or Divine white light surrounding yourself, your loved ones, your home, your community, the world.
  • Give thanks constantly. Maintaining a state of gratitude will do much to mitigate any negative effects being experienced, and pave the way for accelerated healing.
  • Ask for Grace. The Lady Grace is standing by. Invite her to intercede and stabilize the physical, emotional, aetheric, and mental planes at this time.

Remember that a butterfly turns to goop for a while in the chrysalis before it emerges with glorious wings. Beautiful things are in store for humanity, and in fact are already starting to take form. Look for the wonderful and beautiful – these things are there for those who will see them, even in these times. Maintain a grateful heart, and expect miracles!

Finally, be aware that the waves of this impact may continue to be felt for quite some time. Personally I’m getting the feeling that we’re looking at about a decade of more or less chaos, peaking about mid-decade and coming out of the bulk of it around 2030. But there are so many variables and timelines at work that anything can happen. This is why every last person is important. Your energy, your intention, your blessings around the situation really do make a difference!

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