November 2022 represents a vital energetic turning point for Gaia and humanity.

Starting yesterday (11/1/2022) through just after the Solstice (12/22/2022) we are under the influence of very powerful numerological patterns involving various repetitions of the numbers 1 and 2 – including many instances of doubling and tripling of these numbers.

Over the next 8 weeks, we will experience 15 dates that include exclusively 1’s and 2’s: 11/1/2022, 11/2/2022, 11/10/2022, 11/11/2022, 11/20/2022, 11/21/2022, 11/22/2022, 12/1/2022, 12/2/2022, 12/10/2022, 12/11/2022, 12/12/2022, 12/20/2022, 12/21/2022, and 12/22/2022. That’s nearly one out of every four days during this period!

So what does it all mean?

Numerology of November, 2022

Let’s start with the core numbers.

  • Number 1 symbolizes origins and new beginnings, as well as power, independence, confidence, and leadership. In its highest harmonic it resonates with the Blue Ray of protection and truth.
  • Number 2 symbolizes partnership, balance, harmony, and intuitive understanding. At its highest level it resonates with the Pink Ray of divine love.

But it gets better.

Master number symbolism of November 2022

When you double each of the single numbers one and two, you get the master numbers: 11, the number of spiritual ascension and the Master Visionary number; and 22, the number of actualization and the Master Builder number. These are energies that, combined, create 33, the master number of pure love and compassion known as the Master Teacher number.

While the Master Number 33 doesn’t actually make an appearance in November, 2022, I see it as a foreshadowing or preparation, paving the way for vibrational frequencies that will begin to manifest on Earth beginning in 2033.

Light Ray Frequencies of November 2022

As mentioned above, the numbers 1 and 2 are associated with the Blue and Pink Rays of Light, respectively. These are powerful angelic energies, associated with different rays of the color spectrum as well as with various chakras and energy centers both of the human body and of the earth. These are ascension rays that are instrumental in helping our planet and everybody on it to evolve spiritually.

So why are the numbers 1 and 2, along with these specific light rays, so significant at this time?

Combined, 1 and 2 make 3: a number that symbolizes artistry, high creativity, communication, and childlike zest for life. Number 3 at its highest level holds the vibration of the Golden Ray of peace, unity, and Christ consciousness.

The Gold Ray is awakened when the Blue and Pink rays merge and balance with each other. Combined, these three rays of light are known as the Threefold Flame. Together, they merge to become the Violet Flame of forgiveness, transmutation, and freedom.

To me, this portal of time during which these energies of the 1 and the 2, the 11 and the 22 are so prevalent indicates a very sacred gateway during which our thoughts and emotions are especially powerful. November 2022 is thus a time of conception, in which the seeds of the Golden Age to come—a time of harmonious freedom when humanity finally begins to live from the heart—are being planted.

For more insights into the energies of this month, watch my November Energy Update video here:

Otherwise, onward to the star event of 11/22: the 11/11 portal!

The 11/11/2022 Gateway: Starting a New Phase of Creation

Let’s take a step back and look at this time we’re entering in the context of the entire year of 2022.

Of course, the entire year 2022 resonates with the number 2 and that Master Builder energy of 22. With a 3rd 2 in the mix, 2022 is also a “6” year. So it vibrates also with the spiritual meaning of the number 6: family, harmony, empathy, and unconditional love. It’s a heart year!

The Master Builder energies of 2022 really took off in a big way in February with the 2/2/22 and 2/22/22 portals. That period of time initiated for many of us a tremendous cycle of purification that built up over the summer eclipse season of 2022, came to a head at the Lion’s Gate 2022, and culminated with a roar with the September Equinox portal.

So now here we are. This has been a period of intense purification and clearing of old energies that no longer serve the collective desire for ascension. The dust of the past 10 months is settling. And for a lot of us these first few days of November 2022 are feeling steeped in a deep sense of stillness. Perhaps even expectation.

And it’s no wonder, because at this time the Master Builder energy of 2022 is building up into its full power and potential. Just in time for – and indeed in large part because of – the 11/11/22 gateway.

11/11 is similar to 2/2 but taken to the next harmonic. And so with this month of November 2022 we finally begin a new cycle of manifestation after the previous 9 months since February 2022.

During that time, new energies have become available that support a higher vibration of consciousness on the planet. This month thus represents a major birthing point for building higher-consciousness systems and infrastructures that will ultimately replace the old order structures and patterns that we are already starting to see collapse.

What is The Energy of the 11/11/22 portal?

Throughout this month but especially on the 11/11 we will be receiving a fresh burst of crystal pure, very high vibrational energy coming in to the Earth plane. When I tune in to this new energy it feels like pulses of white-blue light, very energizing and uplifting.

It feels open and expansive, like a cosmic dance. Like highly purified life force energy.

There’s a lot of electricity around this, and a lot of high etheric activity. No one can come into contact with this kind of energy and not be affected. So we can expect this to be a very transformative time. Although it’s important to realize that this is a catalyzing energy. We may not see all the effects immediately, but rest assured this is going to be putting some major things into motion.

4 things to expect from the 11/11 gateway of 2022

1.      A New Creative Cycle

Now having cleared the way energetically over the past few months, with this 11/11 gateway of 2022 we are entering a new creative cycle. The 11/11 portal of 2022 may therefore be a very creative time. For some the creativity may propel them immediately into action, especially if you are channeling a lot of masculine energy and/or if you are in the southern hemisphere.

For those in the Northern hemisphere and/or if  you are holding more feminine energy this maybe a time of great receptivity. But you may find that the fruits of what you receive may not show themselves immediately. Think of it like planting seeds or drawing blueprints. Or a conception. The life is there, it’s been initiated, but it’s going to take some nurturing and some time before it fully manifests.

2.      Potential for Disruptions

Because the energies we will be receiving through the 11/11 portal are so intensely high vibrational, there is significant potential for disruptions to the aether great enough to affect internet connectivity and/or airwaves and/or cell service.

There is also great potential for these energies to catalyze mind-blowing events. This may include such things as revelations, disclosures (including political disclosures), the introduction of new technologies, innovative and/or amazing creative works, etc. Keep in mind that some of these things will simply be conceived at this time, or the groundwork started for them to manifest. But for those that are already manifest, these are especially likely at this time to be shared and circulated around the internet.

3.      Shots of Energy

As these 11/11 vibrations rain down on the earth, people will feel bursts of energy. How you experience these will vary based on your own karma, your dharma or life purpose, and the vibration you are holding.

For some, it may feel shocking, or it could trigger events that people see or experience as shocking. This may be especially true where these energies stir up old-order, stuck energies that need to be cleared. So some people and/or regions of the world could be looking at a new wave of energetic clearing which can manifest as crisis. It will be important to keep in perspective that this is part of the process of shifting to a higher vibrational existence.

For others, these shots of energy could feel very energizing and uplifting. They may contribute to a spirit of optimism and renewed vigor. This could be a very productive time especially amongst those who are at the forefront of building new earth infrastructures and systems.

4.      Unity consciousness

Finally the 11/11/11 gateway opens the door for unity consciousness on the planet. We may see unlikely alliances starting to form. Especially as some of the aforementioned shocks may start making people aware of how certain things have been done to drive different factions of humanity apart. People are more and more going to start realizing that the only way for humanity to survive at this point is to start coming together. They are going to start looking for commonalities and looking for solutions to address the root causes of long standing problems, rather than the old divisive patterns of focusing on differences.  Again this is not going to happen overnight but the events surrounding and initiated by the 11/11/22 portal will help to catalyze these realizations.

How to Prepare for the 11/11 gateway of 2022

When I tuned into my Akashic guidance surrounding the 11/11/22 portal, the instructions were clear and simple:

  1. Do not be alarmed. Understand that any disruptions or crises at this time will ultimately pave the way for greater good.
  2. Stay in the heart. The old-order energies will powerfully resist these incoming 11/11 energies and are likely to do everything possible to trigger people into lower-chakra responses and survival mentality. Operating at the level of the heart is key to transmuting lower energies into higher. Take the time every day to meditate and get into your heart space.
  3. Grounding is essential. The 11/11/22 energies are like high-intensity bolts of electricity. Grounding your mind and body will be extremely helpful at this time. Sharing grounded and grounding thoughts and practices will help you and everyone around you survive and even thrive in November 2022 and beyond.
  4. Take care of your nervous system. Be especially mindful of the nervous system at this time. Loving kindness practices and self-care are highly suggested.

No matter how you slice it, this is a powerful time on the planet. Every thought, every word, every action taken during this time will have a disproportionately powerful effect on the future of Mother Earth and humanity. It’s a good time to come to stillness, come into the heart space, stay grateful, and envision the beautiful future world, the Golden Age we are collectively creating. Enjoy!

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