Horse spirit animal affirmation posterI love my work. It’s super creative, and I love that I can help people, too!

But I didn’t always feel that way about work.

Before I created this job that I love, I had my share of not-so-fun occupations.

The worst was working in a call center. Crushing micromanagement and often crabby customers made working there kind of an ordeal. Most of us representative spent our days watching the clock, waiting for the work day, and the work week, to end.

After a while I decided something had to change.

One of my dad’s favorite sayings kept coming back to me: “Never underestimate the power of prayer!”

So, I started something new: each morning before going in to work, I would sit in the parking lot for a moment and say a little prayer.

I would ask for protection from negative energy. And I would ask that the work I did be for the highest good, and to bring blessings to everyone whose life I touched that day.

Did it work?

Well, I can’t tell for sure how it may have affected others, but the job did become more tolerable after that. Customers seemed happier. I felt less stressed at the end of the day. And after a few months of this the opportunity came to leave for a better job.

I hope that you are working a job you love.

But if you’re not, try my little experiment and see how it works for you. 🙂
Love & blessings,


P.S. If you are not happy in your job, it may be due to experiences or beliefs that are blocking your emotional and/or spiritual energy. If you’d like a FREE 15-minute energy scan to help identify these blocks, just email me or visit my online calendar to schedule.