rabid dogSomeone asked me recently: “I woke up this morning (in a dream) to a rabid dog at my door. I was able to shut the door and keep him out but it was terrifying. Any hits?”

Here is what I told her:

Dog is a real heart animal. Think unconditional love, loyalty, and selfless service. They are also protectors and guardians. They are incredibly intuitive, able to read their people effortlessly. And, they are terrific communicators. In addition to nuanced body language, they have a whole range of vocal communication.

From the rabies I’m picking up fear more so than aggression. Rabies is also called hydrophobia. Fear of water. Water = deep unconscious. It could be that something in you is afraid of your power. Or that there’s been a betrayal of some sort. Or fear of being out of control in some way.

You’re trying to let yourself out and expand your territory and this fear is keeping you in.

Focusing on it will call its attention to you and enrage it more. Stop trying. Avert your eyes. Be aware of it but don’t engage it or send it energy. I’m getting to go be quiet and meditate or go into yourself more. Focus on the positive things in you and in others. As you center into yourself the dog will eventually either go away or, more likely, transform into the positive version of itself, at which point it will be a powerful ally and guardian for you.

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