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FREEDOM! It’s something so many people are yearning for at this time. And few things symbolize freedom more than horses running free. My latest watercolor horse painting has a special story behind it that I think will resonate with anyone seeking freedom in their lives. 

When I first started to feel into the energies of the month of April, 2023, the first thing I was shown was a beautiful horse galloping free. The horse symbolized freedom, power, and the energy of this time of ascension and human evolution. And I could feel a great desire for freedom coming to a head this month.

I just knew I had to paint horses again! And, I would need reference photos.

But for this watercolor horse painting, not just any horse photos would do. It called for special horse energy. And I knew just the photographer to contact.

A Flash of Their Soul

A client of mine, Wendy Mills, is a nature photographer who specializes in portrait-quality photos of wildlife that really capture the spirit of each animal. Last year, she produced a beautiful horse photography book featuring the horses of United Pegasus Foundation, a nonprofit Thoroughbred horse rescue in California. It features not only dozens of Wendy’s beautiful photographs, but also the heartwarming stories of several of the horses of UPF.

cover image of A Flash of Their Soul book by Wendy Mills and Helen Meredith

The mission of the United Pegasus Foundation is to provide a safe haven for equines coming off the racetracks—many of whom are slaughtered or abused once they are no longer fit for racing.  Since 1994, the United Pegasus Foundation has provided retirements, rehabilitation, and adoptions to hundreds of Thoroughbred race horses and thousands of other equines, including many of the mares and foals used and abused by the pharmaceutical industry to produce Premarin.

The United Pegasus Foundation is one of the largest and oldest horse rescues in the United States. As such, it often provides support and mentorship to other rescues and nonprofit organizations, so its impact is far greater than just the animals it helps directly.

Wendy has chosen to donate 100% of the profits from her book to this unique organization and the horses it supports.  It occurred to me that I, too, could contribute by means of the watercolor horse painting I had already been guided to create.

I followed my intuition and emailed Wendy right away.

A Collaboration of Artists

Fortunately, Wendy was as excited as I was about a collaboration of creators. She contacted Helen Meredith, founder of United Pegasus Foundation, who added her stamp of approval.

Wendy sent me a portfolio of her magnificent horse photos to work from, and my watercolor horse painting was off to the races!

photo of sketches and reference photos for Ona's watercolor horse painting, "Breaking Free" (photos courtesy Wendy Mills Nature Photography)

Breaking Free: Symbolism Behind this Watercolor Horse Painting

We are all born to be free – all of us! But at this time in history, freedom isn’t a given. And this is certainly true not only for people but horses, too. 

That’s why it was so meaningful for me to be allowed to work from photos of these special horses.

As humans, freedom is something we have to choose. Animals have to rely on the compassion of others. And so supporting the horses isn’t just about helping horses live the lives they deserve. It’s about fostering compassion in the world, and the triumph of the human heart.

Because freedom doesn’t just mean doing what you want. This is one of the core teachings of Horse Spirit.

When Horse energy is unbalanced, there is often a lot of tension between Freedom and Service. You have slavery on the one hand, and Chaos on the other (think runaway stagecoach!)

But balanced Horse energy shows us that when we are aligned with our soul, Freedom and Service come together in Purpose. True freedom is Service from the Heart.

The key to getting there is to be grounded, focused, and disciplined – like an expert horseman! And the best horsemen get there not by breaking a horse’s spirit, but through compassion and understanding.

When Horse becomes a true partner in service rather than a slave to the rider, he will carry you forward over any obstacle with speed and grace!

In my finished watercolor horse painting, “Breaking Free,” the horses show us the progression from wild ups and downs to steady and balanced forward movement.

This energies of this painting will help anyone who is working to overcome fear or tension regarding soul purpose to move forward in freedom with grace and ease!

How You Can Support the Horses of the United Pegasus Foundation

Breaking Free watercolor horse painting (detail)

During this month of April 2023, I’m donating a portion of every sale (including art and energy sessions) to UPF, including:

You can also:

Thank you in advance for your support!