Conventional wisdom has it that our most significant physical feature is the opposable thumb. I disagree.

The biggest physical difference between us and all the other higher animals is our posture.

If you look at how human beings stand, our chakras are aligned from Earth to Heaven.

We’re the only vertebrate animal I can think of that is aligned in this manner. Even birds that walk on two feet are aligned more towards the horizontal, or at least at an angle. But we are straight up and down, and there’s a reason for that.

The calling of Humanity, our Purpose if you will, is this whole adventure of ascending consciousness. It’s why we exist.

A lot of people at this time are upset about humanity, with good reason considering what we’re doing to the planet.

But consider what an amazing task we’ve taken upon ourselves: to assist and be a part of this great process, to be a vehicle for the expansion of Spirit. (In other words, have some compassion – it’s not easy!)

That’s why we are standing upright. Because it’s really not a very practical design, when you think of it. It’s quite a crazy feat of engineering. But, there it is.

Consider this. And consider the role your body plays in the pursuit of Purpose.

Consider the connection you can manifest in your physical body by keeping a healthy relationship between your chakras, Heaven, and Earth. In other words, by cultivating perfect posture.

Tuck your tailbone. Engage your abs. Pull your shoulders back. Imagine the crown of your head drawn upward towards Heaven with a silken cord. And another slender thread suspending the Earth from your root.

We are connected, after all. And all of Life on Earth hangs in the balance.


And stand in your truth.