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MAY 2024: Wild Hearted Wisdom: Nurturing Inner Power With Spirit Animals

Course details: A 7 week LIVE online course taught via Zoom May 23-June 27. Participants will learn how to identify and work with spirit animals for personal empowerment and success in life and business. The course is designed to be interactive using art, journaling, guided meditaions. Participants will have access to both live and recorded instructional sessions, as well as an online community platform. Recordings of live sessions will be available for those who are unable to attend in person.

Promotional Event: Free 75 minute masterclass – “3 Secrets of Spirit Animal Wisdom

Webinar Dates: We are planning two masterclass dates: Thursday, May 2, 2024 at 2 PM Eastern/11 AM Pacific and Thursday, May 9 at  2024 – 7:00pm ET/4:00pm PT. If needed an encore event may be scheduled for Saturday, May 18th. 

Marketing Window Opens: 4/22 for the Masterclass. (I’ve also included links in the affiliate portal for our home page and newsletter opt-ins, for those partners who are hosting events I’m speaking at before the marketing window opens.) 

Course Price:  $333 

Course Landing Page: 

Affiliate Commission: 40%, plus 20% commission on any private sessions purchased (I plan to upsell a 3 session package at $297)

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Subject: What’s Your Spirit Animal? Free Masterclass on Spirit Animal Wisdom!

Hi [Name],

Have you ever felt a deep connection with a certain animal? Maybe it appears in your dreams, you keep seeing it everywhere, or you feel magnetically drawn to it.

There’s a reason for that! Your spirit animal is reaching out, offering guidance and support on your life path.

Unlock the Secrets of Your Spirit Animal in This FREE Masterclass!

On Thursday, May 2, join renowned artist, writer, and energy healer, Ona Christie Martin, for a powerful 75-minute online workshop, “3 Secrets of Spirit Animal Wisdom.” [link to your masterclass affiliate page]

In this insightful workshop, you’ll discover:

      • A Powerful Guided Meditation: Connect with your spirit animal, even if you haven’t identified it yet. Prepare to be amazed!
      • Answers to Your Burning Questions: Learn everything about spirit animals, from having multiple guides to deepening your connection. Q&A included!
      • A Simple 3-Step Method: Create a lasting and impactful relationship with your spirit animal allies.

Spirit animals are more than just a cool symbol.

They’re powerful guides waiting to help you achieve deeper spiritual connection, a happier life, and greater success!

Join like-minded individuals worldwide in this FREE masterclass [link to your masterclass affiliate page] and open yourself to a whole new world of spiritual connection.

Register Now: [Insert your affiliate link to Masterclass Landing Page, or use a button]

Enjoy meeting your animal guides!


[Your Signature]

P.S. Your spirit animal has powerful medicine for you, so don’t miss this limited time opportunity! Secure your spot today to access new worlds of self-discovery with your spirit animal guides.

Register Now: [insert button to your masterclass affiliate page]

Email 2 (short version):

Subject: Free Spirit Animal Masterclass!

Hey [Name],

Ever feel drawn to a specific animal? It might be your spirit guide!

Join Ona Christie Martin, creator of the Spirit Animal Awareness Oracle Deck, this Thursday for a FREE 75-minute Masterclass: 3 Secrets of Spirit Animal Wisdom.

You will: 

    • Connect with your spirit animal through meditation
    • Get answers to your questions
    • Discover a simple 3-step method to build a strong relationship with them.

Deeper connection. Greater success. A happier life.

Your spirit animal has powerful medicine for you, so don’t miss this limited time opportunity! Register now:

[Register Now button (link to your masterclass affiliate page) ]

Love and blessings,

[Your Signature]

P.S. Can’t make the time? Register anyway (link to your masterclass affiliate page) and catch the replay.

P.P.S. Check out this testimonal from someone who has already experienced the power of spirit animals with Ona:

“Ona brings both a deep connection to animal spirits and a bright, joyful spirit of her own to her work. There was no way she could have known that I had an existing link to this species that reaches back 30 years. Get the word out: she’s the real deal.” – Sally Stanton, PhD, Shamanic Practitioner

[Register Now button (link to your masterclass affiliate page) ]

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Social Post 1:

**Feeling a connection with a certain animal?**

It might be your spirit guide! Join artist & oracle creator Ona Christie Martin for a FREE 75-minute Masterclass: 3 Secrets of Spirit Animal Wisdom.


🐾 A powerful meditation to connect with your spirit animal

✨Answers to your burning questions about spirit animals

💖A simple method for a strong relationship with your spirit guides

Your spirit animal has powerful medicine for you! Register Now: [Link to Registration]

#SpiritAnimal #Masterclass #Innerpower #Spirituality


Social Post 2:

**Is this animal showing up everywhere you look? **

It could be your spirit animal whispering wisdom! ✨

Join Ona Christie Martin (creator of the Spirit Animal Awareness Oracle Deck!) for a FREE online Masterclass: 3 Secrets of Spirit Animal Wisdom.

Learn how to:

  • Connect with your spirit guide through meditation
  • Understand their messages
  • Build a powerful relationship

Unleash your inner power & live a happier life! ➡️ [Register Now]

#spiritanimal #spirituality #masterclass