“Spirit animals and angels, one ‘n’ the same or no? I’d like to tune more into my angel if she isn’t shaking her head and going now what are you doing lol”

A good question from a curious client! 😉 I’ll do my best to answer here, to the best of my knowledge and experience.

Spirit animals vs. angels: what’s the difference, if any?

Spirit animals and angels are both spirit beings. And in my experience they are both positive spirit beings (as opposed to spiritual entities with a negative or malevolent energy or intent.) Although I suppose it’s possible for an animal to get warped into something negative through the influence of some negative power, I’ve never come across it.

In my experience spirit animals range from neutral positive to actively benevolent. Angels are always purely benevolent.

The most obvious difference to me is that spirit animals are definitely ANIMAL. You can generally sense what kind of animal it is.

Angels, on the other hand, can show up in different ways. Often they appear in some sort of human form, whether it’s as a vision or in art. They can also show up as an orb of light, a feeling of warmth, unseen hands, etc. I think they take human form so often because it is so easy for us to relate to them in that form. It must make it easier for them to communicate with us that way!

Going a bit deeper, though, my sense is that spirit animals and angels have different origins.

Where do Spirit Animals come from?

I have a very strong sense that Spirit Animals are of the earth. They are creatures of Mother Earth and very much connected to Her.  You can think of a spirit animal as being the essence, or wisdom, of a particular species of animal. (Or sometimes the essence of a particular type of that animal, like a white wolf as opposed to a black wolf.)

As creatures of the earth, and as animals, they speak to our instinctual selves, our subconscious selves, our animal nature. (Or, depending on your background and beliefs, you might consider that they are a part or emanation of our own instinctual selves.)

In the shamanic tradition, the earth/nature/subconscious realm where power animals make their home is known as the Lower World.

Spirit animals teach us how to reconnect with our healthy, wild instincts. In this world of ours that is very important for coming back to a sane path of living, a sustainable path that will keep us long-term healthy both as individuals and as a society.

From whence do Angels come?

Angels, on the other hand, come from above. That is, they are beings of the Upper World, or Heaven; Light, and pure consciousness.

Angels help us to expand our consciousness and grow and evolve spiritually towards ever higher consciousness and spiritual vibrations. It is their job and their pleasure to support us in our journey; however angels won’t jump in where they aren’t invited. Once you open yourself to their assistance, though, you will likely experience extremely powerful changes in your life.

Communicating with your Angels and Spirit Animals

You can ask your angel to communicate with you. Just intend for his/her guidance on whatever topic and tell her you’re ready and willing to hear from her, and thank her for her presence. Then stay open to guidance. It could come in the form of a dream, or a sudden inspiration, download of wisdom, message, or synchronicity of some kind. It usually happens when you’re not expecting it! 🙂

You can do the same with spirit animals. If you feel a connection with a particular animal, ask it what it would like to tell you. However spirit animals are more animal-like and may appear shy or even (rarely) hostile or sarcastic at first. I suggest doing things to honor your animal, such as wearing its image or offering tobacco. After a while if you are sincere and if it really is a match for you, it will likely come around and work with you.

Have you had both spirit animal and angel encounters? What do you feel are the biggest differences in working with them? Leave your reply below!