Spirit Animal Cards & Animal Meaning Links

Spirit Animal Awareness Oracle Cards

by Ona Christie Martin

Learn totem animal meanings, do animal guide readings or even find your spirit animal!


photo of spirit animal card spread



Spirit animals are incredibly powerful spiritual guides who offer amazing wisdom into how to survive and thrive in this crazy world. They’re fun and rewarding to work with! 

Working with Power Animals opens the doors to deep Awareness you can use to heal your life and step into your power and your Purpose.

They bring your strengths and challenges to light, and offer wisdom about your relationships with others and with the spirit world. They can also teach you ways to balance and heal yourself.

image of spirit animal card deck with box


I’ve created this deck to provide a structured yet flexible framework for inviting the spirit animal energies to work with you. My Spirit Animal Oracle Cards can help you instantly and profoundly receive wisdom from your animal allies whether you are just starting out with animal guides or already are deeply connected with the spirit animal world.

“I have used these beautiful cards for my intuition circle to help participants understand what aspect of themselves they need to work on in the coming month. Having the shadow meanings is excellent for this purpose and also for me to use in the same way. The artwork is so beautiful and having the meanings on the cards made it a “must have” for me! I know I will enjoy using them for years to come! Thank you!” (Customer review)

The 44 card oracle deck includes 42 spirit animal cards, plus 2 blank cards so you can personalize your deck with any animal under the sun. Also included is a guidebook with instructions for how to use the cards to perform spirit animal readings for yourself and others.If you are located in the U.S. or Canada, purchase here: 

Check out the guidebook

I will have an expanded guidebook available on this page for free download soon!!  It will have more detailed information on each animal. I hope to have it ready by the end of 2022. Keep checking back, or sign up for my newsletter to keep in touch.

In the meantime, here is a list of animals in the deck. Follow the links for more information on each one:



Beaver (also see my Beaver Totem video)



Blue Whale

Butterfly (Also this video: Butterfly Totem: Spirit Meaning of Butterfly)



Cow (see this video for Cow meaning)

Deer (also my YouTube video: Deer Totem: Spirit Meaning of Deer )




Dragonfly (see my video Dragonfly Meaning and Akashic Messages RE: Collective Ascension; Dragonfly info starts at 3:24) 

Eagle (also see my Eagle Totem video)

Earthworm (also see this video on Earthworm meaning)



Fox (also my YouTube video Spirit Meaning of Fox)

Frog (See my video Frog Spirit Animal/Frog Totem)

(Wild) Goose

Hawk (Also see my Hawk spirit animal video)

Horse (also this video: Spirit Meaning of Horse)

Hummingbird (see my Hummingbird Spirit Animal video)

Mosquito (see my Mosquito Blessings video)

Mouse (also see my Mouse spirit animal video)

Otter (this video touches on Otter meaning)

Owl (Also this video: Owl Totem: Power Animal Meaning of Owl)

Rabbit (Also this video: Rabbit Totem: Spirit Meaning of Rabbit)

Raven (See my Raven/Crow spirit animal video; also this one: Lessons from Raven)

Red Panda

Salmon (see this video for Salmon meaning)

Sea Lion


Sloth (See my Sloth spirit animal video)

Snake  (also these videos: Snake Totem, 3 lessons from Snake, Snake wisdom)

Spider (also this video: Spirit Animal Meaning of Spider)


Turtle (also see my Turtle spirit animal video)

Vulture (Also see my video Death, Dying, and Spirit Animals)



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