All equinoxes are tipping points. In the September 2022 fall equinox we are integrating an entire energetic arc starting with the 2/2/22 and 2/22/22 energy portals last February.

In my September Equinox Energy Update video I shared some downloads and insights about the energies of the September 2022 fall equinox. Watch it here for the full message; I’ve included the transcript of the channeled portion of the message below.

2022 September Equinox Energy Update Channeled Message from the Akash

This is a tumultuous new beginning. This is a test of wills.

A cycle of purification that began in February of 2022 will resolve and begin again now. Like the next go-round of it, or the underside of it, the revolution first upwards in an arc, and now downwards. We are entering another portal, another leg of the journey.

That which was initiated at the 2/2 and 2/22 (junctures) ripened at the Lion’s Gate (8/8) and will be birthed now through the 11/11. Seeds that were sown are sprouting.Watercolor lion painting by Ona Christie

The September 2022 equinox is one of many choice points on the path of planetary ascension.

What is a choice point? It is a coming together of potential timelines – a hub, if you will. Those who wish to proceed along a certain predetermined trajectory will select the appropriate exit point made available at this time.

This is all a matter of choice.

The key to navigating it is to remain impassive. To stand your ground. Physically, morally, mentally, emotionally.

This planet is entering a frequency that will hold you to your truth.

As you know, choices that are not aligned to your truth result in chaos, confusion, and suffering.

For those who consciously or unconsciously align themselves with illusion or “dark” energies, this chaos, confusion, and suffering may manifest itself in those around you, leading to apparent benefit for yourself – for a time. But ultimately should you choose this route your karmic burden will be increased 10 thousand fold, and it will ultimately catch up with you.

For with each choice point as the Earth rises in consciousness, illusion is becoming more and more difficult to uphold. And make no mistake, the Earth desires to ascend. The ascending trajectory is a given. That is why with each choice point from here forward more souls will choose to leave this plane as they cling to their chosen illusion.

Should your soul align itself with Truth the illusion within you will be cleared, sometimes forcibly. In this case the chaos, confusion, and suffering may manifest in your own life and to your own person. This is a part of the process and in no way a punishment. You may know it as a healing crisis.

When this is the case some souls who wish to be aligned with Truth may also elect to leave the earth plane at this time. These, should they be resonant with the current planetary timeline, will be awarded upgraded physical vessels and enabled to return here or to another location in the galaxy depending on the individual’s soul mission and need for healing and recuperation.

For those who remain, the way you can be of highest service to others is to hold the joy. Joy is a pure expression of life force, the song of Universal Love.

A lower dimensional being is incapable of joy. They may get off on things, but they cannot vibrate at the level of joy.

Those who vibrate at the level of joy are powerful medicine for the earth and humanity. Hold this vibration, and you become the remedy.

Do what brings you joy. There is no higher service than this.

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For additional 2022 September Equinox energy update information and support in navigating these energies please check out my Facebook page. I posted an oracle reading around the September equinox. (Don’t laugh too hard: I’m clearly not an expert at Facebook live LOL!)

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Stay tuned: I’ll post another blog soon about the Mary Magdalene artwork in the video! 🙂

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