Complimentary Energy Scan Mini Session 

 (Welcome, Soul Tribe! These are unprecedented times, and we’re being called into purpose like never before. 

Right now the world is in “reset” mode. While change is unsettling and can be challenging, it is absolutely necessary in order for us collectively to move into a new, brighter paradigm.

This “between moment” in history, including the recent 4/4/4 portal and the Easter/Ostara season, represents a tremendous opportunity to jump start the awakening/ascension process for the human collective in partnership with Mother Earth. 

In light of this, I am offering a limited number of  free mini Soul Visioning Energy Scan sessions during this worldwide shut-down (through the end of April, 2020.) 

May 1, 2020: This offer has expired. However due to the continuing pandemic situation I am extending it through the end of May, 2020 on a by-donation basis (your choice: $11, $44, $88, $111, or if you would like to include a pay-it-forward amount $222 and I will offer a free session to the next person in need).  If you are interested in booking a session please contact me here and I will send you donation and booking instructions.) 

These complimentary sessions are intended for self-identified lightworkers, starseeds, healers of any kind (regardless of whether you ever intend to practice professionally), and agents of positive change to support you in your highest purpose as we collectively move into this new age of consciousness on Planet Earth. 

In order to preserve the integrity of the sessions I do ask that an energy exchange be made. You can do this by “paying it forward” to others in whatever way feels appropriate to you. In this way we can together create ripples of Light to assist in catalyzing and supporting this great Awakening.


Much love and many blessings,

Ona Christie