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Energy Work

“The minute you choose to do what you really want to do,
it’s a different kind of life.”
― R. Buckminster Fuller

I provide spiritual mentoring and alignment work for old souls who are longing to fulfill their soul mission.

  • Are you struggling to get clear on your soul mission?
  • Do you know what you’re feeling called to do but could use clarity on next steps?
  • Are you looking for someone who can help you make sense of your spiritual experiences?
  • Are you ready to release old wounds, ancestral karma, and/or entity attachments? 
  • Do you feel heavy or negative energies holding you back from fulfilling your purpose in this lifetime?
  • Are you seeking a deeper connection with your animal spirit guides, and/or help figuring out what your spirit animal(s) are trying to tell you?
  • Could you use a spiritual and/or creative jump start?

If you said yes to one or more of these questions and have been guided here, I’m here for you. 

The Art of Life is a marriage of Heart and Mind. 

It’s a balanced state of inner freedom, fulfillment, joy, and purpose that puts you in the driver’s seat as the Master Creator of your life and/or business. 

It’s my joy to help open doors to this ancient way of being in today’s world, which so desperately needs it…

FAQ’s About Working With Me

What Kind of Person Benefits From Sessions?

Of course I am happy to help anyone. But I find there is a certain soul tribe I’m here to serve.

Some of the things that my clients tend to have in common include:

  • You identify as a starseed and/or lightworker
  • You’ve likely experienced many lifetimes and may even remember some of them
  • You love Mother Earth and feel a strong sense of purpose related to helping her ascend and heal
  • Shamanic practices and beliefs resonate with you deeply
  • You are a creative, thoughtful, and open-minded person
  • You seek a healthy balance between grounded practicality and freedom (spiritual and otherwise)
  • You KNOW you are here on Earth at this time for a reason, and feel a strong calling towards doing work that fulfills your soul mission. 
  • You are looking for a Spirit-led mentor who can help you understand how to integrate your spiritual power and experiences with the real world safely and effectively. 

What is it Like to Work With Me?

I offer three kinds of sessions at this time:

  • If you are just looking for answers to a simple question or want to check me out before committing to deeper work, I recommend a simple reading. This is a 20-30 minute session (a longer Annual Reading is also an option). I’ll use cards and/or tune into your field directly to bring you clarity on your questions regarding life, business, spirituality, etc.
  • If you are looking for a more transformative experience, schedule an Art of Life healing session (more info below).
  • I am also available for life purpose/business alignment coaching as well as spiritual healing sessions. In this case choose either session (according to duration) and let me know you prefer a coaching or consulting approach.

All sessions are via Zoom (or phone if you prefer.) You will receive a recording (and in the case of healing sessions, often extensive notes) via email after the session. 

Where deep transformation is sought, multiple sessions can be of great benefit. I offer a 3 session package that allows for this at a reduced donation amount.

Please note that Art of Awakening is a dba of Spoken Earth Ministries, a nonprofit organization I founded with my husband Rich in 2022. All session fees are considered donations and will be used to support our work in educating people to reconnect with Nature. Due to the status of our organization as a 508(c)(1)(a) faith-based private membership association, sessions are offered as a service to members only; you may join free of charge when signing up for a session and may continue or terminate your membership after working with me as you see fit. 


What Happens In a Healing Session?

Every session is different according to your needs. However there is always a basic process: 

• We begin with a few minutes to discuss your situation and goals. I will listen closely to your concerns and, if needed, assist you in creating an intention for the session. 

• Next, we create sacred space. Typically I will call on the spirits of the directions, Mother Earth, Father Sun, and your ancestor spirits and spirit team to hold space and provide protection while we work together. Negative energies and/or entities will also be cleared from the “room.” 

• From there, I invite Spirit to work through me to help balance and heal your energy. The session may include oracle reading, guided journey work, and/or energy clearing.

Sometimes the work is ecstatic; you may commune with spirit guides or angels, or experience states of bliss.

Sometimes you may be invited to come face to face with your darkest shadow self (in a safe and protected space) so you can heal old wounds and reclaim your Power of Light.

Always, we hold the highest intention to bring you into closer alignment with your Higher Guidance so you can fulfill your soul mission with greater grace, joy, and ease.

Increasingly, the work is galactic in nature: deeply healing and transformative not just for you and me, but for all humanity, all Life, and all Cosmic Consciousness.


What Results Can You Expect? 

Some of the benefits clients have reported include increased clarity, improved confidence, feeling happier, feeling more spiritually connected, business success, and more. 

It’s easier to understand the impact of a session in the words of those who have experienced the work. Here is an example of a recent client experience: 

 “After our session, I experienced a pretty profound shift…I feel it really helped raise my energy and put things back into balance.  Things are flowing much better and the darkness is gone.  I have motivation and hope again, and my creativity is flowing.  My intuition and clairs (voyant, audient, sentient, cognizant) even seem clearer.  I no longer feel disconnected or as if I’m walking through mud.  The change was so immediate!  I am so grateful for your help that day!  And since that time, events in my life have gone sideways in a direction I didn’t expect, so there’s quite seriously been transformation all around!” – a Michigan client

Read more client testimonials at http://artofawakening.life/testimonials/


Ready to Experience a Session for Yourself? 

If you are feeling guided to work with me, you can book a session here

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