octopusO, what an oddity is the Octopus!

With its eight tentacled legs and its funky looking face, it looks more like something out of Star Wars than an Earthly animal.

In fact, there’s something magical about the Octopus. If you find Octopuses occupying your dreams or imagination, you may find that you are in for some magical or mystical experiences!

For one, the Octopus inhabits the depths of the ocean. Therefore it may point to things happening under the surface – in your emotions and/or subconscious.

The Octopus is a master shapeshifter. Its body is nearly as fluid as its watery home; octopi are mollusks (like clams or snails) but most have no hard parts, aside from a hard “beak” they use to feed on shellfish and other prey. They are capable of changing the color and texture of their skin to match their surroundings – or to make themselves stand out. The color changes can happen instantly and are thought to also sometimes reflect the Octopus’s mood and emotions.

One species, the Mimic Octopus, actually alters its shape to impersonate other species – at least 15 of them, including the Flounder, Sea Snake, and poisonous Lionfish.

Shapeshifting is not the only trick the Octopus keeps up its eight sleeves. When startled, it shoots out a cloud of ink as it zooms away. This creates a “smokescreen” behind it, which confuses its enemies and allows it to safely escape from predators.

OK, and here’s something even more bizarre: Octopuses may be able to see with their skin! Researchers have found gene sequences in octopus skin that are usually only found in ocular centers. Speaking of ocular, Octopuses have well-developed eyes and are supposed to have excellent vision. They are also quite intelligent and able to plan and solve problems.

Octopus as a totem animal can indicate:

  • Adaptability
  • Magic and mystery
  • Shapeshifting
  • Highly developed vision
  • Psychic ability
  • Deep emotions
  • Connection between mental and emotional faculties
  • Protecting self using intelligence, slyness, or other means other than brute force


photo credit: Pulpo via photopin (license)