This small watercolor painting is related to the Tesseract drawing I posted recently. It is one of a series of small paintings based on the concept of the All Seeing Eye of God. I actually sketched the image onto the Aquabord tile about 2 years ago but it wasn’t until I got into my new studio this fall that I felt moved to paint.

While painting I became aware that there is a LOT of symbolism in this sacred geometry art piece. So, I did a little journaling, digging into the Akashic records to discover what the meaning might be. Here is what I was given to understand about this visionary art painting:

Meaning of “Emergence” Spiritual Art Piece

The imagery in this painting represents an expansion of Mind, a pan-dimensional understanding of the Universe. This is the process that is often called Ascension, but perhaps is better termed Evolution or Emergence. 

The central eye – the center point – indicates the point of emergence, an epiphany, a revelation.  It is the moment of conception, of realization, the eternal expressing itself through the finite. 

The expanding central figure represents the evolved being, a being in full awareness – one that centers itself in stillness and thus is able to access multiple levels and directions of time and space.

This is the Christ self blossoming forward, bursting forth from the center point of stillness and awareness. It is the eternal nature of the life force energy permeating the material world, playing its way through it, life as vibration, as expansion. 

It is at once the shattering of the self and the complete awareness of self as sovereign – as whole, and fully united with all that is. It is therefore also forgiveness, humor, and Love.

It is the cycles of life, ever returning and rippling in myriad variations and repetitions and evolutions of beauty, every iteration a reflection of Light, of the infinity of God’s love.

A Sacred Geometry Activation Portal

My guides indicated that this painting will take you on a spiral journey, if you let it.

“You will see that within the apparent circles there are spirals. Follow the spirals in your mind’s eye. Follow the spirals back and forth, back and forth. Find the rhythm. Breathe to the rhythm, sway to the rhythm. This will reset your system to align with the original clock of the universe – the universal heart.”   

(Of course there is a lot of Flower of Life and Divine Feminine imagery here as well. One person suggested that the painting is a portal for Sophia frequencies. What do you think?)

For a deeper explanation of this painting, please watch my video about it: