red pepper watercolorStarting a cleanse? Right before the holidays?

Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? But that’s what I’m doing this year.

Don’t blame me, though. Blame my angels.

This fall, I was starting to experience some troubling physical problems. Like kidney pain. Fatigue. And leg and foot injuries.

So I asked my angels, and they said, “cut down on the meat.”

So I did. For 10 days I went nearly 100% vegan, and the kidney pain went nearly completely away.

But my angels weren’t done with me yet.

“Cut out the sugar,” they insisted.

“Nuts. Really? Do I have to?” I replied.

“Yes,” they said. So I did.

Now I don’t normally eat much sugar, but I had been indulging far more in the previous months. And I had still been eating a fair amount of honey and other natural sweeteners.

They told me to cut those out, too.

Have you ever tried to give up sugar, even for a short period? Then you probably know what an ordeal it can be.

I was expecting it to be tortuous. But to my surprise (and thanks to my angels, I’m sure) I’ve had almost zero cravings. The kidney pain is completely gone, and my energy is WAY up. And, even though I haven’t even been trying to lose weight, my extra pounds are starting to melt away!

Just from listening to my angels.

Now I do plan to have a bit of pumpkin pie tomorrow, maybe. But after that I’m feeling certain I’ll go back to my angel diet. Because seriously, taking care of myself feels so much better than the temporary pleasure of overloading my body on sweet treats.

Just a few words of encouragement. It’s so easy to put off taking good care of ourselves. Especially with the holidays approaching. But if you do find yourself guided to start doing it NOW, I encourage you to listen.

Your angels will support you, I promise!