mouseWe humans seem to have a love-hate relationship with mice.

On the one hand, you have to admit they’re cute little critters with their big eyes and round ears. Then there are our beloved fictional mice such as  Mickey Mouse, Mighty Mouse, and Speedy Gonzales.

On the other hand, if you’ve ever had mice invade your home you probably agree that they are quick to wear out their welcome. (My car is a testament to that right now. We recently brought it back up from central Illinois, where it was parked outside our rural former home. Mice had made their way into the ventilation system and now we are blessed with their unique perfume whenever the vents are on. 🙁  Ick.)

Whatever your personal experiences of mice, you have to admit that despite its minute size, Mouse is a powerful totem animal.

Mouse represents the power of persistence, determination, bravery, and success against the odds. If you have a big task in front of you, Mouse can help you tackle it by showing you that even tiny efforts add up to big results when you persevere and keep taking those baby steps. (One fall I found one of my ski boots virtually full of popcorn after we had had a mouse in the house. It must have taken that little guy several dozen trips from the pantry to the attic to fill that thing up.)

Mouse is also a wonderful symbol for the “little guy.” Mice make their greatest impact when there are many of them. One mouse in your house probably won’t make too much difference, but where there are whole families of them you better believe they’ll impact your life. So if you ever find yourself in a David and Goliath situation (such as fighting corporate injustice), think of Mouse and rally yourself some support! Lots of Little Guys together can make big impact.

Finally, Mouse speaks to us of fertility and creative genius.  Rabbits have nothing on mice when it comes to rapid reproduction. Did you know that mice have a gestation period of only 21 days? And that a mother mouse gives birth to as many as 14 young per litter, with an average of 6-8? Females become sexually mature at just 6 weeks, and they happily breed through all seasons of the year.

So, if Mouse is your totem and you don’t want kids, be sure to take proper precautions! 🙂 The good news is that in humans the same energy is closely linked with creativity. (Fertility and creativity are both associated with the Sacral chakra.) So Mouse coming into your life may herald a period of creative abundance for you.


photo credit: Got you! via photopin (license)