Woman hugging Earth illustration Lately I’ve been called to work more deeply with Mother Earth. A couple weeks ago I received a request from her: to be mindful of how we speak of her, and of ourselves, and to choose words that resonate with Love.

In light of the rising Divine Feminine consciousness happening on the planet right now, as well as the Women’s Marches that took place this weekend, I would like to share her message here:

“I am grateful for the work being done on my behalf. Please know that my love for you—for all humanity—has no bounds. You are my children, and you are a part of me.

“And if you have suffered while on my plane, please forgive me. I, too, am a mortal being. Please, please when you speak of me, do so with compassion and love in your heart, even while acknowledging that life on Earth can be harsh. And please, please, extend that compassion and love to yourselves as well.

“Also please remember that am not a victim, nor are you. Though we have suffered, we are strong. Strong enough to speak up for ourselves, and for each other. Strong enough to forgive. Strong enough to heal. And strong enough to love.

“You are a part of me as your cells are of you, and also a part of me as your thoughts are of you. Your speaking and thinking of me with love assists me in my own self love process as well as in yours, and thus in my ascension and in yours.”

Thank you for all you are doing to heal Mother Earth—including the healing work you are doing for yourself. 🙂