Graphite drawing - male hand

Male hand drawing #1

More hand studies from the animation illustration project. The male hand is supposed to appear more forceful.  I drew these pencil studies from reference photos I took of my son Isaac’s hand.

However his hands are fairly small and delicate for a guy.  I think a more robust model would be more appropriate for this particular project so I will be redoing these studies very soon.  (I tease him that he’d make a good large animal vet, remembering James Herriot’s comments about small hands being an asset for delivering calves.  Isaac has an aversion to slime so he’s not amused.  But he does have beautiful hands and they were fun to draw.  Isaac – if you ever read this, thank you! )

Hands are always a challenge and a pleasure to draw and I certainly don’t consider it a waste of time to have done these.  Who knows – they may find their way into a painting some day…

Pencil drawing - male hand

Male hand drawing #2

Male hand drawing #3

Male hand study #3