Feeling Spiritually Lonely?

You Will LOVE my New Meetup Group for Lightworkers & Starseeds! 

Welcome to Lightworkers’ Cafe –

A Free Membership Community for Awakening Souls 


So many Starseeds struggle with a sense of spiritual loneliness. But Starseeds need each other – and we weren’t meant to go through this Earthly experience alone! 

I’d like to invite you to join me in a monthly gathering of awakened souls you can attend from anywhere in the world. Watch the video (or read the transcript below) to learn more – and then click the button above to join! 

– Ona Christie Martin, founder, Art of Awakening

March 2024 Lightworkers’ Cafe Events

(You will receive event login information via email once you register.) 

promo image for Lightworkers' Cafe Year-Ahead Oracle Party for 2024

New Moon Cosmic Healing Circle

Sunday,March 10, 1 PM EST/10 AM Pacific 

Let’s get together and work on each other, with the intention for all healing that happens within this sacred circle of souls to have collective and cosmic effect!

In this healing circle event, we will start by creating sacred space as a group. Then we will split into pairs or small groups to work on each other. All levels of healing practice and all modalities welcome. (Don’t be shy – if you are new to energy healing we can teach you a simple practice to use.)


    promo image for Sept 24 2023 Lightworkers Cafe gathering

    Rite of Peacemaking Guided Meditation Gathering

    Sunday, March 24, 1 PM EDT/10 AM Pacific

    The March 2024 lunar eclipse is a subtle but potent initiatory gateway to the energies of the Great North American Solar Eclipse happening on April 8.

    In this guided meditation event, we will work with the energies of Mercury (Hermes) as well as the angelic realm to help us to heal inner and outer conflict, open channels of communication, and prepare ourselves spiritually to step forward as aligned leaders (of ourselves and/or others) in this time of great awakening.

    Video Transcript

    Hello beautiful souls, I’m Ona Christie and I want to let you know about some big changes in my life and how I’ll be serving you going forward. So listen carefully because I’m going to tell you about my new nonprofit, as well as an invitation for you to join Lightworker’s Cafe, my new free membership group for lightworkers and starseeds. 

    As you may know I’ve been serving the Starseed community since 2015 through my YouTube channel, Art of Awakening. 

    One thing I’ve become very aware of over the years that many Starseeds struggle with is a sense of spiritual loneliness. 

    And I’ve noticed that it’s across the board – both people who are newly awakening and those who have been walking the spiritual path for years. Especially if you live in a remote area it can be hard to find people who understand where you’re coming from and share your enthusiasm for the spiritual life. 

    So back in 2018 in my local area I started a little group for awakened souls. We got together once a month in a local cafe. Sometimes we just hung out together, and as the group grew larger we started to do events like Oracle Night or inviting local healers to speak. 

    It was a lot of fun, and it grew like gangbusters. Some of our meetings attracted dozens of people, which for a small town in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan is a strong turnout for a topic like this. And after a while people started coming up to me and saying things like, “I am so grateful for this group. I don’t feel alone any more. I’ve met so many new friends who GET me. This has really changed my life.”

    In 2019 I started experiencing a health crisis and ended up passing the torch for that group to another person to lead, and it kind of fizzled out once COVID hit. 

    But the events since 2020 didn’t erase the need for lightworkers to get together. If anything it’s even more important now. So once I started feeling better in mid 2021 I started a Patreon group online. We met for about a year it was a very small group but that too has been a life changing experience. 

    And now lately the guidance has been really strong to widen the circle because I feel there are so many souls who need this kind of community. 

    But before I tell you about this let me give you a little background as to some big changes in my life recently. 

    As you may know I got remarried a couple years ago to a wonderful man. Last October my husband Rich and I made a very conscious and committed decision. We decided to start a nonprofit with the intention of both of us working in it full time within 3 years to serve our spiritual calling. 

    Our new organization is called Spoken Earth Ministries. 

    So starting this year in 2023 Art of Awakening and everything I do including workshops and private sessions will be done as a branch of Spoken Earth Ministries just to keep everything contained in one place. 

    We have a vision eventually of acquiring a piece of land to build a retreat center and sustainable community. And be able to give workshops there about spirituality, natural law, and living in harmony with the earth. 

    But in the meantime I’m feeling really called to start with creating community, both locally and online. Because that’s where I feel there is so much need at this time. 

    The first thing I want to do is provide safe spaces for lightworkers everywhere to come together in real time. 

    So let me tell you about Lightworkers’ Cafe, my new membership program for starseeds. 

    Once or twice a month, I’ll be hosting an online space for lightworkers to come hang out together. 

    It’ll be a place where you can come, meet other spiritually awakened people, and have fun and learn from each other. At least once a month we’ll have a more informal gathering that may include fun activities such as pulling cards for each other or just open discussion. And some months there may be an additional free event that’s more structured, such as a group guided meditation or guest speaker. 

    I want this experience to be accessible to everyone so the basic membership to Lightworkers’ Cafe will always be free of charge. 

    The only thing you’ll need to do to participate is to join Spoken Earth Ministries as a member – there’s a little form to fill out and a membership application to agree to and once you join you’ll get notifications via email of every event.

    So to kick off Lightworkers’ Cafe I have two events planned this week:

    •  This Wednesday evening (January 25)  at 7 to 8  PM Eastern time it’s just an informal meetup on Zoom- I’ll be brewing up a cup of my favorite herbal tea and just hanging out with whoever wants to join me – so whatever spiritual topics rock your boat bring em and let’s have a good time! 
    • And then the first organized Lightworkers’ Cafe event will be next Sunday, January 29 at noon Eastern, and it’ll be an ORacle Fest. Bring your favorite decks and whoever shows up we’ll all get together and pull cards for each other. In my experience people ALWAYS love Oracle Fest  events and it’s really fun because if you’re new to divination it’s a great safe place to practice and you’ll totally  be supported, and if you’re an old hand it’s just a fun way to connect with others in our wonderful lightworker community, to give a little and receive as well.

    SO in closing I want to thank you for all the support you’ve given me here on Art of Awakening over the years. And again offer you a huge heartfelt welcome to join me in the Lightworkers’ Cafe. If you feel in your heart that this is for you or just want to check it out, you can find hte link to join in the description box below. 

    I look forward to seeing you there, and remember: you were born to be free.