Happy All Soul’s Day!

Finding and living our Purpose, learning to bring Heaven to Earth – this is the journey of the soul.

Doing this requires us to start connecting and grounding our mental, spiritual, and emotional selves into the body. It’s that connection that lets us actually start manifesting beautiful things into physical reality.

And perhaps the most powerful connecting force in the Universe is Love.

There’s a simple formula for manifesting: 

  • Start with a mental concept, idea, or image. Something you want to have happen, or come into your life.
  • Then, attach a positive emotion to that idea. The stronger the emotion, the more powerful its effect.
  • Finally, get your body to start vibrating at the frequency of that emotion. You WILL start to see shifts in your life if you do this.

I just posted a quick Mother Earth-inspired meditation on YouTube that uses this formula. This technique trains the body and mind to work together in harmony, helping to integrate all these parts of our being in a high vibration of Love.

The video is short enough that you can easily learn how to do it on your next 15 minute coffee break (and still have time to hit the bathroom.)

After that, practicing this easy technique just 2-5 minutes every day for a week or two can help you embody Love, feel more grounded, and empower you to make positive changes that bring greater life, love, and happiness into your life. 

Watch here:


P.S. The painting above, Sacred Union, is part of my Gift of Gabriel series, and carries a LOT of Love energy. I’m working on a new website for my art, but until then if you are interested in ordering prints of this or any other piece, just email me directly for pricing and size options. 🙂