Rainbow wolf paintingYou know how some days are masterpieces? Days you remember for the rest of your life?

And other days fall short of masterpiece status, but they’re still “keepers.” The kind of day you wouldn’t mind every day being like.

But most days don’t quite make it to that level. They’re decent, but you probably won’t remember them in a month unless somebody reminds you.

And of course we all have days we wish we could do over.

The thing is, it’s the less-than-perfect days that make the perfect ones possible. 

Like all the days you spend going to work and earning a paycheck. Not memorable, but they pave the way for a whole week or two of wonderful vacation experiences.

Or the day you spend cleaning and cooking to make your FABULOUS holiday party a go.

Paintings can do that, too. 

I call them “guidepost paintings.”

Or, when they’re the kind you end up painting over, “growing pain(ting)s.”

I think this one I painted yesterday qualifies as a guidepost.

Overall, it’s OK. I like some of what’s going on with the watercolor. And I think I managed to capture the “wolf stare” I was after.

Honestly, though, I wouldn’t feature it in my portfolio.


Now that I’m done with it, and looking at it critically, it’s tickling something deep down in my brain.

Maybe it’s the title, that came to me as I painted: “Rainbow Wolf.”

Think I’ll take that idea and run with it.

If I’m lucky, maybe it’ll lead to some keepers!

What “guidepost” experiences have you had in your life recently? Where do you think they will take you?

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