Apples 4-10 002One of the nicest things about fall is…apples!

Where I live in Negaunee, MI, we have a lot of old abandoned apple trees within walking distance of our front door.

Some of them are not much to speak about, but some of the trees have surprisingly good apples. This time of year you can gather them by the bag full.

I really love those apples. Some are sweet, some are pretty tart, but they all have wonderfully complex flavors that you just don’t find in modern apples. And the trees are so generous in sharing their bounty!

Here is my daughter Aster and Hazuki, the Japanese student we  hosted for 2 weeks, with Hazuki’s first apple pie. The girls made it from windfall apples they gathered from those old trees, and the pie was AMAZING!

What is your favorite thing about fall?